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How To Launch A Digital Coaching Program

How to Create an Amazing VILT Program in Record Time

Virtual teacher-led training is not a new invention. For years, organizations have switched from on-site to virtual training in order to reduce costs and improve accessibility, among other things. However, many faculty do not yet know how to switch from one approach to another or what activities to offer their online students. This VILT Instructor Guide covers every aspect of virtual training, including the steps to take and choosing the perfect platform for your needs.

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The VILT Instructor’s Handbook: How to Start a Top-Notch Virtual Training Program on a Tight Schedule

Learn how to start a powerful virtual training program for your team!

Why VILT is the future (and present) of employee development

More and more companies have to adapt to the new normal. The post-pandemic world brings new L&D challenges such as: B. how you can protect your teams, mitigate risks and improve remote collaboration. Because of this, more and more instructors are taking their courses online to stay connected and keep their staff updated. This makes perfect sense as virtual, instructor-led training enables companies to offer the best of both worlds. Employees maintain the all-important human contact and interaction with their peers, while at the same time giving them the autonomy to pursue personalized learning paths at their own pace.

In short, VILT is the future of employee training as it enables learners in the company to take on their own development without having to forego a solid support network. You are still learning from the best and sharing with remote workers at virtual training events. On the flip side, they have the ability to access JIT libraries, courses, and real-world activities that align with them and their personal gaps, preferences, and goals.

How can instructors get a VILT head start?

If you are new to the world of virtual training, switching from ILT can be a daunting task. What support resources should you provide? How do you choose the right tools for the job? What’s the best way to create a business case and attract stakeholders? Don’t be afraid, this guide offers insights to get you off to a great start, even if you are running against the clock. It walks you through each step of the process and shows you how to get the most out of the resources available.

While there are no shortcuts to creating VILT experiences that last, you can use proven strategies to avoid costly mistakes. Additionally, finding a platform that has all the essentials and goes beyond video conferencing can do wonders for your L&D program. For example, invest in software that is versatile enough to meet all of your VILT and collaboration needs, including team meetings, peer coaching sessions, virtual classroom events, and more.

Via the VILT Instructor’s Handbook

This ultimate guide provides all of the insights you need to start your VILT strategy, from activities to include to best practice design. Here’s a little preview of what you’ll find in it:

  • Transition from physical lessons to virtual training in 7 stress-free steps
  • How to create amazing virtual experiences for popular L&D use cases
  • From breakout activities to live events, 8 best practices for virtual classroom design
  • How to choose the perfect virtual training tools for your business needs
  • Achieving Buy-In: How to Create a Successful Business Case for Your Virtual Training Program
  • Achieve more with less: Innovative tips for using virtual training technology in your company


Whether you’re just starting out to delve into virtual training strategies or looking to improve your existing VILT approach, this guide is a must-read. Download the eBook The VILT Instructor’s Handbook: How to Launch a World Class Virtual Training Program on a tight schedule, make meaningful changes and take advantage of the full power of online training platforms.

eBook publication: VIVAHR


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