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How To Design Onboarding On-line Coaching For Gen Z

How to design onboarding online training for Generation Z learners

A joke is making the rounds on Twitter. It quotes a teenager during an interview. S / he says, “I’ve been described as an old soul, so I identify and connect with millennials.” Yes, they finally joined us in the annals of the “ancients”. Move over Gen Y … it’s time for Gen Z. Sometimes referred to as iGen, these teens were born after 1995 and are now joining the workforce. We’ve spent the last decade demystifying millennials. Now there is a whole new group of people to avoid. How quickly can we learn to speak their language? Here are 7 top tips for designing onboarding online training for Generation Z learners.

7 tips for training new Gen Z hires

1. First day

Can you remember your first day at work? You may have been nervous and wondering what exactly was expected of you. After all, your education and credentials don’t often tell you how to use them. Studying law and passing the bar doesn’t teach you what it is like to practice in a law firm. And sometimes onboarding involves the simplest of things. This is where your new employees can find out what to do when they enter the office for the first time. And you don’t have to wait for them to arrive. Once their employment status is confirmed, send them a care package. It could be as simple as a video intro and a quick rundown of what to expect during the onboarding process.

2. Virtual seating plan

Your Gen Z version of the popular seating plan should include contracts, job descriptions, and service descriptions. It can also contain their new email signups so they can access their onboarding kit. Remember, iGen is research based. They google everything, so align with their data-driven outlook. Integrate practical aspects such as a virtual office tour. Show them where they will work, who to ask if they get stuck, and where the bathrooms are. As you design onboarding online training courses, you can lead them to office policies and commuting options as well. This kind of online training for Generation Z makes them feel less like a lost newbie and get a good first impression. This is especially useful for those dealing with strict COVID security precautions. For example, they need to know social distancing norms and how to properly decontaminate their work area.

3. Lead with data

While many Gen Z members learn from it, their approach is different from ours. We mostly dealt with things upside down. We came to work on the first day and asked the boss what to do. Or we just followed the people in the office until we found out. iGen employees create a file before applying. You know the CEO’s name and their favorite breed of fish. Onboarding online training for Generation Z employees should take this into account. Use the same attention to detail but incorporate online training content that you cannot find on your own.

For example, start the onboarding online training course with a brief summary of the content, duration, and actual benefits. Add a company origin story to give them a sense of your identity and company culture. This personalizes the online training experience instead of just asking them to join the data stream and absorb facts and statistics.

4. Teach some tasks

You’ve probably Googled, “What’s it like working at XYZ?” Or “What is a typical first day as * insert job title *?”. Onboarding online training for Generation Z learners should think about the typical assignments you assign them on the first day, week, or month. Present templates and simulations for these tasks so they know what to expect. You can also develop short how-to videos and create a comprehensive archive. It should contain projects and activities that need to be carried out on a routine basis. Make it easier to navigate the archive so that new employees can quickly access a tutorial when needed. Keep it broad and helpful – everything from “programming the printer” to “requesting a cropping”.

5. Short and stimulating

iGen is used to make bite-sized chunks whether it’s a text message or a 10-episode season. Regardless of what online training material you create, you need to stick to it. Limit blocks of text to 5 minute reads and keep videos under 60 seconds. Your online training content – whether it’s words, pictures, or ambient noise – should provide a rich multimedia experience. Use strong graphics, vivid colors, and high definition. They are used to engaging all of their senses, both at work and when playing. Incorporate these elements if you really want to achieve them.

6. Multimedia

Develop onboarding online training courses for Generation Z that can be accessed on mobile devices, with or without a data connection. For example, invest in an LMS that supports offline mobile devices. Smartphones are the tools iGen deals with the most. Use it to your advantage. Designing for mobile devices also helps you make your online training content precise. They should include lots of serious games. This doesn’t necessarily facilitate the ease of your online training course. So don’t worry. After all, iGen usually takes gaming very seriously. Merging work and leisure is a great way to keep her occupied. In addition, gamification is a proven reminder and an effective online training tool.

7. Peer coaching

The older generations on your team have a lot of experience to offer your Gen Z new hires. So develop a peer-based coaching program that they can use to pair and share their skills. Gen Z staff can help those who may not be as tech-savvy, while senior staff can show them the ropes and provide troubleshooting tips based on their area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise.


Training employees can be challenging, especially if it is a generation gap. And now the iGen is taking control of rulership, we have to keep up for our sake (it’s profitable too – keep them happy and they will make you more money). Before starting work, send them a prep kit with virtual tours of the physical office space. Offer practical, task-based online training for Generation Z as part of onboarding. Create an online training library with guides that you can refer to as you see fit. Keep online training modules short, to the point, and easy to navigate.

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