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How To Create The Good On-line Coaching Curriculum For Your Firm

Create a wow-worthy online training curriculum for your company

You need to equip your team with hands-on skills and experience, but what’s the best approach? How do you train your remote workers to fill in any gaps and add even more to your business? It all starts with an online training curriculum that is geared towards personal goals and business goals. This e-book can help you determine if outsourcing is the right option and offers tips for developing a plan of action that will produce quick results.

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eLearning 101: How to Create the Perfect Curriculum for Your Business

Company training courses can be a significant cost factor. Should your company consider offshoring to a bespoke training program that uses eLearning?

How tailor-made solutions maximize the impact of L&D

Creating an online training curriculum that will stand the test of time is no easy task. However, personalized learning paths and JIT support resources maximize employee ROI and engagement. Here are some reasons why bespoke training solutions are always the best choice, regardless of your employee size or the results you want.

Reduce employee turnover

Well-informed and qualified employees who receive ongoing support are more likely to stay in your company than to get lost. Tailor-made training solutions convey the essentials and even offer training and retraining opportunities. Employees have the ability to pursue personalized learning pathways and choose resources that suit them and their work-related goals. As a result, you reduce the costs of recruiting and training new employees, since top talents are employed over the long term.

Support leadership

The benefits for team leaders are twofold. First, they have access to valuable development tools to nurture their own talents and areas of expertise. They can also provide individual support to their subordinates thanks to their online training certifications. Second, their employees are better equipped to face challenges in the workplace rather than relying solely on management. In other words, managers do not burn with constant questions and problem-solving because employees can solve minor problems themselves.

Identify rising stars

A bespoke online training schedule gives you the opportunity to identify top performers and hidden talents. For example, you can identify existing skills or performance gaps and then close them with personalized resources or micro-learning activities. Likewise, you can introduce certifications to test your core competencies and uncover potential executives in your company. Assessments, simulations and scenarios are just a few ways to evaluate your hidden talents.

Build stronger team dynamics

Remote workers often feel separated because of a lack of local camaraderie and peer support. But the online training schedule brings them together and allows for instant feedback. For example, you work on group projects or take part in gamified training experiences. They may work teleworking, but L&D enables them to share insights and experiences from anywhere in the world.

About this eBook

This all-in-one guide can help you master the basics of outsourcing and develop an online training plan that targets organizational weaknesses. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find inside:

  • In-house vs. outsourcing: 3 reasons why tailor-made training makes financial sense
  • Learning That Lasts: How to Choose the Best Approach to Curriculum Development to Maximize Longevity
  • How to create a training curriculum in 3 stress-free steps (even when outsourcing)
  • Changing corporate cultures isn’t easy: How to master eLearning challenges and get stakeholder buy-in
  • Customized Learning Designs: 4 Characteristics of a Successful Course Development Project
  • The Basics of Feedback: 5 Secrets to Optimizing Your Training Evaluation Process and Measuring ROI
  • 3 tell-tale signs you need to find the most effective study methods
  • 3 instructional design trends that will stand the test of time

Is Outsourcing Your Online Training Curriculum the Right Choice?

Download the eBook eLearning 101: How to Build the Perfect Curriculum for Your Business to explore the benefits of outsourcing and get tips on choosing the best customized solutions for your business It is required reading for companies weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing and wanting to learn more about curriculum design from industry experts.

eBook publication: VIVAHR


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