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How To Conduct Coaching Wants Evaluation

Top List Ranking: Leveraging Content Providers To Conduct Training Needs Analysis

The importance of adding employee training to your business growth arsenal is undeniable. However, do you have the means to conduct a Training Needs Analysis that actually does what it’s supposed to? Let’s take things from the beginning.

Why do companies need a TNA in the first place? In today’s workplace, employees need to have several skills to perform complex tasks in an efficient, safe, and cost-effective manner. Thus, training acts as a performance improvement tool. But to decide the right type of training, you need to identify the skills gaps. Hence, you’ll know what you need to enhance.

Yet, a TNA is not just for that. Increasing performance and productivity is essential, but your end game should align your training programs with your business goals and objectives. Identifying the training needs of your business is the first step to deciding which Instructional Design method you need to follow.

A successful Training Needs Analysis will manage to clarify which employees need training and what kind of training they should take. There’s no reason to train everyone when some individuals might not even need it. Also, offering the wrong type of training might be extremely underproductive and cost you more in the long run.

Consequently, conducting a TNA helps put your training resources to good use. For all these reasons, we’ve decided to compile a list of the top content providers to run your needs analysis!

Best Training Companies To Analyze And Identify Training Needs

If your company is listed among the Top Content Providers that conduct Training Needs Analysis effectively, feel free to add this badge to your website.

Great learning begins with understanding needs | They are your trusted guide

Their mission is to create world-class learning experiences using exceptional creativity, the best of learning science, and innovative technology. They begin with a Needs Analysis process proved out with Fortune 500 companies.

For more information, feel free to read customer reviews or contact Inno-Versity directly.


  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Understanding the Know/Do/Believe Triangle
  • Defining Your Learning Audience

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Inno-Versity has developed a Needs Analysis system built upon:

  • Designing Your Learning Brand
  • Creating Your Return On Learning Metrics
  • Building Your Team
  • Scoping Your Project

They have worked through this process with clients from around the world, providing clarity and direction for their most complex learning challenges. You’ll surely enjoy reading their latest eBook on Needs Analysis!


Inno-Versity builds Needs Analysis systems for corporations, higher education, and associations, creating clear pathways which lead to world-class learning experiences. Understanding learning needs and building a plan are at the center of how they serve their clients.

Be a trusted business partner and solve challenges with SweetRush Needs Analysis

Clients choose SweetRush for their collaborative approach to Needs Analysis and human-centered design. They’re known for award-winning, effective learning solutions that solve complex business challenges—and for making their clients shine.

Explore customer reviews on eLearning Industry’s directory.

Get in touch with SweetRush. It would make their day to hear from you!


  • Design Thinking
  • Robust Needs Analysis
  • A Team With Heart

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  • Design Thinking
    SweetRush’s CoDesign process uses human-centered design techniques to rapidly analyze needs and design learner-centric solutions that address business needs. It’s revolutionary!
  • Robust Needs Analysis
    When you need traditional analysis with a collaborative approach, they help your team create a winning case for effective learning (or other) interventions. They wrote the book!
  • A Team with Heart
    They take ownership of your challenges and do everything possible to ensure your success!


Just launched from SweetRush experts: The Needs Analysis Playbook. Top winner at the 2020 Brandon Hall Awards (26 awards, 16 Golds): learning strategy, innovation, and results. More than 20 CoDesigns for clients in financial services, healthcare, non-profit, and more.

Gain more out of the TNA phase | Ascertain the business impact of training

EI Design’s Training Needs Analysis enables organizations to identify performance gaps, employee Learning and Development needs, and leverage the TNA phase further by adding measures to determine the business impact of training.

You may like to read EI Design customer reviews in our directory.

Learn how they can help you conduct effective TNA and leverage it to help you measure the business impact of training.


  • Business Case Analysis
  • Program Logistics
  • Determine the Business Impact Of Training

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  • Business Case Analysis
    Performance gap analysis to set the purpose of the training solution, expected value from the training, and the expected business impact.
  • Program Logistics
    With assessments, audits, and analysis, they provide updates to key stakeholders on training rollout and its effectiveness.
  • Determine The Business Impact Of Training
    Through EI Design’s Unique Evaluation Model identify L&D metrics, business metrics, and business KPIs to help assess the business impact of training.


EI Design gained 8 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards in 2020. They also were featured in several global rankings, including Top Content Providers for Custom eLearning, Mobile Learning, Blended Learning, Virtual Training, Microlearning, and Gamification.

Instructional Design | Performance Consulting | Training Technology

AllenComm partners with clients to develop data-driven learning that transforms their clients’ organizations. They bring expertise in Instructional Design, performance consulting, and training technology to develop learning solutions.

Make data-driven decisions to drive a successful organizational transformation with a strategic analysis from AllenComm.

Consult with an expert now.

Read customer reviews.


  • Data Gathering
  • Performance Mapping
  • Design Recommendations

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  • Data Gathering
    Their training consulting team uses interviews, site visits, focus groups, and surveys to understand your organizational challenges.
  • Performance Mapping
  • By understanding the knowledge, behavioral, and motivational gaps hampering success, they map organizational goals to behavior-based objectives.
  • Design Recommendations
    All findings are compiled into a report that details knowledge and performance gaps, their root causes, and strategic options for change.


AllenComm has won several awards for training consulting services, including the Silver Brandon Hall Excellence Award for Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy.

Their needs analysis both frees and focuses creativity for superior learning

Efficient, innovative Needs Analysis plus their experience and creative problem-solving yields targeted training that works. Scaling needs analysis to each engagement is one of the secrets behind Obsidian’s 23 years of success.

Visit their site to discover what some of the most respected companies in the world know: Obsidian can help you achieve greater learning effectiveness. 

Also, make sure to read customer reviews for Obsidian Learning in our directory.


  • Efficiency
  • Creative Effectiveness
  • Budget Fit

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They’ve honed their needs analysis methodology over countless engagements for:

  • Efficiency
    Their team makes the most of your SME’s scarce time to conduct the analysis.
  • Creative Effectiveness
    They ask the right questions to understand, open possibilities, then focus on highest-yield recommendations, truly fit-for-purpose deliverables that hit the mark for your learners’ needs.
  • Budget Fit
    Using needs analysis insights, they deliver the most impact for your money and finish on budget.


As Deming once said, “If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.” Their methodology framework, experience, and creativity generate the right questions to define risks, opportunities, and possibilities for your most impactful training.

Create eLearning content that engages, inspires, and wows your learners

eWyse’s Needs Analysis is the most important stage of the course development process. It digs deep into learner as well as company needs and forms the foundation for the delivery of stunning, engaging online courses.

Contact them today for a chat and see if they can help you with your training needs.

Visit eLearning Industry’s directory to explore reviews for eWyse.


  • Instructional Design And Needs Analysis Expertise
  • Finding The Right Type Of Training For Clients
  • Streamlined Process From The Get-Go

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  • Instructional Design And Needs Αnalysis Expertise
    They produced a series of instructional courses demonstrating good eLearning. The 2nd course of 3 focuses entirely on the importance of a deep Needs Analysis.
  • Finding The Right Type Of Training For Clients
    Working with a leading bank in CEE, proper Needs Analysis led to a complete pivot in client thinking. That resulted in transforming eLearning courses into instructional videos.
  • Streamlined Process From The Get-Go
    Detailed client brief document created that effectively streamlines the Needs Analysis process and allows clients to consider all key areas prior to the initial call.


The Training Needs Analysis process that eWyse has refined is their foundation that helps create engaging, proven ROI courses for clients across all sectors, from pharmaceutical, banking, and hospitality to educational and non-profits.

Creating amazing learning experiences for over 80 years

The amazing learning experiences Cinecraft creates are the result of identifying measurable business outcomes and aligning the organizations learning objectives to relevant content, interactivity, and evaluations.

If you would like to uncover the “why” and “how” behind your next learning project, visit Cinecraft’s website.

Also, you can find reviews for Cinecraft in our directory.


  • Impactful Learning Programs
  • Finding The Best Learning Strategy For Organizations
  • Focus On Performance Gaps And Competencies

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After Cinecraft identifies the organization’s measurable business outcomes, they review existing content and interview SMEs to form a hypothesis for the best learning strategy. The hypothesis is then analyzed by using 4 proven methods.

  1. Empathy interviews
  2. Focus groups
  3. Learner surveys
  4. On-the-job observation

These data collection methods help confirm or disprove their hypothesis. Thus, they can identify performance gaps and the competencies necessary to satisfy the business outcome.


Cinecraft has performed a Needs Analysis for every customer in their portfolio. Most notably, they performed a Needs Analysis for a well-known hotel chain for training team members on its revamped customer loyalty program.

They provide insights on the real needs of learners, resulting in business impact

They are an award-winning eLearning company that works with customers at all levels of training and development, starting from Training Needs Analysis and paving a road map for building a high-performance organization. Step up your digital learning with Tesseract Learning!

Visit their website for more eLearning solutions.

Explore Tesseract Learning reviews in our directory.


  • Detailed Analysis Of Business And Training Needs
  • Robust Process And Insights That Help Address Gaps
  • Right Learning Outcomes

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  • Detailed Analysis Of Business And Training Needs
    Their Training Needs Analysis encompasses business mandate and audience analysis, including their demographics and learning style.
  • Robust Process And Insights That Help Address Gaps
    The performance and learning gaps identified help them provide the right solution to bridge the gaps.
  • Right Learning Outcomes
    They write the learning outcomes that help learners focus better on their learning journey.


Based on their Training Needs Analysis, they suggested a gamified course to a customer to improve retention and application rates on cybersecurity on policies and procedures to engage learners. The course had the best completion rates and received a 4.5/5 rating from more than 19K users.

Optimize business and people performance with custom Training Needs Analysis

Allen Interactions passionately optimizes organizational performance with competency-based custom training strategy, analysis, and solutions that are meaningful, memorable, and motivational. Hence, leading to measurable results.

Visit their website to view case studies and learn more about how they can provide a Training Needs Analysis for you!

Read reviews for Allen Interactions. 


  • Pre-Meeting Immersion
  • Training Evaluation And Gap Analysis
  • Course Roadmap Creation

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Here’s their detailed process to identify the best training strategy for clients:

  1. Pre-Meeting Immersion: gain knowledge of existing practices, people, strategy, and KPIs
  2. Discovery: course reviews, interviews, analysis
  3. Define: gap analysis across training programs and content
  4. Strategy Document: create Course Roadmap document
  5. Conduct Stakeholder Panel: review Roadmap to identify gaps, edits, and get sign-off
  6. Finalize Course Roadmap: include revisions from stakeholder panel, providing budget/tool recommendations


Analysis of Inland Empire Health Plan’s (IEHP) training programs and materials and extensive interviews led to the recommendation of microlearning focused on specific job skills and certifications—Won Silver Brandon Hall: Best Advance in Creating Learning Strategy.

Team up with the best eLearning provider for your TNA

In our niche directory you can find the top vendors with expertise in Training Needs Analysis. Take a look at the submitted customer reviews and run a full-on comparison!

eLearning Industry’s Company Selection Criteria

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas and our editorial team, did a thorough review of each vendor’s eligibility. More specifically, we’ve checked each eLearning company’s website and relevant published content to reach a final conclusion, including articles, eBooks, and webinars.

Our committee ranked the best content providers that can help you conduct a successful Training Needs Analysis based on the following 8 criteria:

  • Company’s economic growth potential
  • Company’s social responsibility
  • Customer retention
  • Customer reviews
  • Employee turnover
  • Learning industry innovation
  • Quality of content development for remote teams
  • Expertise in learning solutions

So, in our top list, you’ll find the best training consultants when it comes to identifying the employee training needs for your organization. If you’re looking for an eLearning vendor to help you close any skills gaps, our list will be useful. Still, if you already know what kind of training programs you should develop, make sure to check out our training outsourcing directory. There are plenty of use cases that can help you to positively impact your business with training.

Finally, after going through the list, you can explore our tips. You’ll get insights on how to choose the ideal content provider to partner up with.

Benefits Of Consultation And Training Needs Outsourcing

Here comes the million-dollar question: Should you conduct Training Needs Analysis (TNA) internally or outsource to an eLearning company? Well, the short answer is … it depends! For example, does your company have the human resources to get the insights you need?

If you have competent and well-versed professionals for the specific training needs in your midst, it might be cost-efficient to arrange sessions timely and save outsourcing charges. However, if your team lacks the skills, time, or resources to pull this off, you’d better team up with an eLearning expert.

Benefits of TNA outsourcing:

  • Save time and money by reducing internal labor cost
  • Fresh perspective and access to talent
  • Flex resources and speed to market
  • No need for more employees
  • Leverage channel relationships
  • Improve the expandability of resources

Are you still unsure if you should outsource your Training Needs Analysis? If any of the below reasons apply, then you need to consider outsourcing your TNA:

  • Lack of technology expertise
  • Large-scale rollout
  • Interactive eLearning is important
  • Temporary or short-term training or development needs
  • Limited budget and timeframe
  • You might have numerous and diverse training needs to address

Please note that a TNA is crucial for your training programs and your business goals. After all, this is a matter of future investment for any organization. Thus, taking it lightly will undoubtedly affect the result of your training.

Choosing The Ideal eLearning Company To Identify Employee Training Needs

Indeed, plenty of businesses opt for in-house due to a better understanding of the organization, its employees, and processes. Knowing the ins and outs, as well as employees’ behavior, helps immensely. However, if you want fast results without compromising the effectiveness and quality of your training, an eLearning consultant is your best bet.

By outsourcing your TNA to an eLearning company, you’ll manage to identify your training needs in the best way possible.

For an effective TNA each organization should:

  • Identify the business needs
  • Perform a gap analysis
  • Assess training options
  • Report training needs
  • Choose the most suitable training plans

From inception to implementation, these experts can make your life a lot easier by guiding you to choose the right type of training for your business needs! Whatever the case, you might have numerous and diverse training needs to address.

For example, maybe your company has multiple different departments or business units. Each one of these has unique training and development needs. Maybe you need to develop the skills of your marketing team. For instance, employees might need SEO, marketing analytics, or new marketing automation software training.

Perhaps your IT staff should brush up on the latest best practices in cybersecurity. Another example could be, helping your sales team with new consultative selling approaches. Also, a course in conflict resolution might benefit your customer service department, and so forth.

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing an eLearning provider for your TNA:

  • Do they have expertise in your niche?
  • Are there any successful case studies?
  • Is there social proof of what working with them feels like?

For all the above reasons, we compiled this top list for you. Each company in it has a proven track record and a lot of social proof that goes along with it.

Next Steps: How To Compare And Evaluate Top eLearning Providers

Outsourcing training is a business practice that can help optimize employee development and create a culture of learning within your organization. By relying on an eLearning company to handle operations, you can utilize their expertise for your training activities.

Training outsourcing is a business strategy followed by plenty of companies worldwide. By opting to outsource training, companies like yours can shrink and stabilize their budgets. At the same time, you can maintain training effectiveness.

All the content providers in this top list can support your training design, development, and deployment. These managed services for training can give your enterprise the opportunity to supplement its core efforts. Be it a big project, onboarding, new software implementation, or other training requirements, these learning experts can help you accomplish your vision.

Your ideal partner should abide by the following:

  • Ability to streamline training
  • Come up with a strategic plan to maximize learning and meet goals
  • Offer exceptional learning administration
  • Have expertise in best-in-class tools and resources
  • Deliver digitally enabled training and continuous learning
  • Provide cost-effective solutions

We hope that all this information we’ve shared has brought you one step closer to your training goals. If you want to read customer reviews and compare content providers for training needs analysis, simply visit our directory!

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