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How L&D Leaders Use Customized Cell Apps To Improve Efficiency

The many benefits of custom mobile apps for L&D

Is Mobile Learning the Best Approach for Your Business? What disadvantages should you be aware of? How do you launch custom mobile learning apps to fill in gaps in the field? The Inno-Versity eBook answers all of your urgent mLearning questions. After the initial needs analysis is done, the fictional company AshCom moves on to the performance of the sales team. The next part of the series on the subject of mLearning is now available for download. We therefore invite you to join in as the team masters post-merger business challenges with custom mobile apps and a solid L&D strategy.

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How L&D Executives Use Custom Mobile Apps to Drive Performance and Sales

Use mobile apps to increase the performance of your employees and to close organizational gaps!

4 reasons to implement custom mobile learning apps

1. Remove accessibility

Employees should have access to online training content anytime, anywhere. You may face other obstacles such as: B. with full work schedules, but the introduction of custom mobile learning ensures that logging into the training platform is not one of them. They get the L&D resources they need regardless of their location or learning preferences. As a result, employees are more likely to train independently and fill knowledge gaps because there are fewer technical barriers.

2. Make the L&D mesh wider

Not only internal employees benefit from customized mobile apps. External sales reps, customer service teams, and other extended corporate partners can use mobile learning resources to develop skills and improve performance. For example, you can log into the system for a quick refresher on product knowledge when preparing for a customer meeting. This allows you to open up your L&D program to sales channels and outside agents who can’t make it to your formal ILT meetings.

3. Increase engagement

Mobile learning empowers employees in many ways. They are not limited to their PCs or laptops and can often choose resources that suit them. This is especially true if you are creating a micro learning library that will cater to everyone’s needs. After all, micro and mobile learning go together like in L&D heaven. Employees are given a VIP pass to the repository, where they can find updated information based on their roles and tasks. So they deal fully with the topic and let external distractions take a back seat.

4. Offer JIT support

One of the top reasons to use custom mobile apps is 24/7 support. Employees do not have to wait until the next on-site training to address personal pain points. The app gives them the ability to get JIT support when they need it most. For example, you’re working on a customer service issue and you’re not entirely sure which guidelines come into play. So you just access the app for instant responses instead of keeping the customer waiting while they ask a manager.

About this eBook

What begins as a fact-finding mission to bridge gaps in sales training turns into a mobile learning revolution for the fictitious company AshCom. This eBook will show you what it is like to implement custom mobile apps in the real world, including pitfalls to avoid. Here’s a little preview of the content:

  • The interest: What brought AshCom on the way of mobile learning
  • The Basics of Mobile Learning: Discover the benefits of custom mobile apps that every business should consider
  • The Limits of Mobile Learning: Assess the Cons of mLearning
  • The “What-If” session with Ronda: Discover innovative applications for mobile learning Mobile
  • Morning Session: Option 1 – Custom Authored Learning Experience
  • Morning session: Option 2 – App development | Mobile device provided by the app
  • Weighing Your Options: For The Best Approach To Your Sales Training Needs (And Beyond)
  • The Decision: How Can You Use The Methods To Build Custom Mobile Apps For Work Performance?

Whether you want to reduce compliance risks for your remote employees or remove barriers for your sales force, this important reading will help you get to know mobile learning strategies firsthand.


Many companies assume that custom mobile apps are reserved for large companies with large budgets and a global workforce. The reality is that any business, including SMBs, can benefit greatly from mobile learning strategies, especially when you choose a content provider that keeps up with the latest technology and understands your business challenges. Download the eBook on How L&D Executives Use Custom Mobile Apps to Drive Performance and Revenue, determine if custom mobile learning is the right approach for your business, and discover best practices.

eBook publication: VIVAHR


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