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How Digital Studying Is The New Regular

Adapting to distance learning is the way to go

It has been more than a year since the outbreak of the pandemic and there is still no light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, various countries have come out of bans and restrictions, but many of them have also been forced to withdraw easing and re-impose bans or restrictions. As the virus continues to mutate, no one is sure when things will get normal. As a result, the landscape of daily life has changed around the world. All public places such as cinemas, swimming pools, gyms, schools and colleges are closed. In fact, no one knows when such facilities are likely to function normally. This uncertainty has created a new trend away from the physical world. As with many business leaders, learning seems to have taken its own virtual course.

From elementary school to university, everything takes place in the virtual world. Teachers and students meet virtually through various virtual classroom apps such as Google Meet, Google Classroom, Zoom, and the lessons take place virtually. So what does the future of learning look like? Is this trend here to last for some time? Let’s discuss.

Virtual learning is smooth

Virtual learning started with glitches and hiccups. It took teachers and students time to get used to the rules of running the virtual classrooms, answering questions, uploading answers, and so on. However, it has now been a year and the dust seems to have settled. Both the student and the teacher have become familiar with the specifics of virtual classrooms. In fact, they seem to have adapted to the new standards and adapted their practices to the new requirements. So virtual learning is no longer difficult; it is more like learning in the physical world.

Virtual learning is not inferior

Contrary to popular perception at the beginning of virtual learning, virtual learning is not inferior to physical learning today. Although there are limitations in conducting practical courses, this mode is similar to physical lessons as far as theoretical lessons are taken into account. In fact, there are certain facilities that you can only get with online courses. You can get unlimited videos and vivid graphs, as well as special lectures. These can help you understand a particular topic or topic well. Virtual learning is in no way inferior to physical learning. In fact, it outperforms physical learning in some niches like individual attention, explanation of topics, etc.

Virtual learning can be transformed into personalized learning

An important and distinctive feature of virtual learning is that it can be tailored to the needs of individual students. Explanatory videos in 3D can be designed on specific topics or topics. Such videos are very helpful in learning difficult concepts in science subjects. This underscores the idea that online learning can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Virtual learning introduced students to technology

All attempts and errors in implementing and using virtual classrooms have one common result: students have become familiar with the technology. It highlighted the importance of digitization and the easy acceptance of digitization by students in general.

What is not to like?

It is fair to say that virtual learning cannot replace physical learning. However, there are some aspects where virtual learning is superior to physical learning. The ability to design explanatory videos and materials for students who are absent from certain subjects and chapters is one of the most lucrative. So a mix of physical and online learning can combine the best of both worlds. One can receive individual attention, bespoke study materials, and face-to-face interactions with teachers.

The face of education is changing and it is up to us to give it an attribute that will grow learners, prioritize holistic development, and create a career path that is not a single path. We now have every opportunity to learn and grow while in our comfort zone and making a change in the way education is delivered to our future generations.

The key to growth here is to accept distance learning as the normal way of learning and enjoy a learning environment that is accessible worldwide.

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