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Hospital affected person or lodge visitor? The perfect remedy possibility

Check in at any hotel (from the Holiday Inn Express to the Mandarin Oriental) and you’ll know right away that you matter.

  1. The company and the industry exist to maximize your positive experience.
  2. Log into a New York hospital or emergency room and you’ll know right away that you don’t matter.
  3. They are seen as an insurance or credit card, a package of symptoms, and hopefully a heartbeat.

Evidence-Based Design (EBD)

There are rumors that patient-centered care is emerging in the hospital setting and that there is (or will be) a new generation of healthcare facilities that will differ significantly from the institutional models currently known.

The research underlying these “supposed” new developments, known as Evidence-Based Design (EBD), draws on a number of areas of study including neuroscience, evolutionary biology, psychoneuroimmunology, and environmental psychology, with an emphasis on the idea that the design of the built environment can improve the quality of health care.

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