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How to engage remote workers and overcome L&D barriers

Many organizations have moved their business online to adapt to the new normal. However, remote working has presented geographically dispersed employees with new challenges. They may feel disconnected from their employees or miss out on their day-to-day office life. Fortunately, a collaborative learning culture gives your team a peer network that you can use for ongoing support. This eBook highlights three notable challenges posed by remote working and three innovative strategies you can use to overcome them.

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Integrate virtual employees into a learning culture

Discover tips for tackling the employee development challenges remotely by building a strong learning culture!

The importance of a supportive virtual learning culture

While some companies take a back seat on culture and focus on profitability, you can’t have one without the other. You need to be able to nurture internal talent and make everyone feel like part of the team to be successful in the long run. A strong learning culture helps you retain top talent, improve performance and give everyone a sense of organizational responsibility. In addition, a virtual learning culture creates a common foundation on which remote workers can share experiences and offer unique insights.

About this eBook

Every member of the team should feel connected to the corporate community. But how do you create a comprehensive online training program that supports your goals and core values? Here are the Insider Secrets and Insights to Find in Engage Virtual Workers With A Culture of Learning:

  • 3 challenges that can accompany remote work
  • Lack of informal communication opportunities
  • Unequal access to learning
  • The scattered development of a corporate culture
  • 3 strategies for building a vibrant learning culture with a remote team
  • Engage every level of your organization
  • Set expectations about work and learning
  • Make your LMS the center of the community
  • Modern learning is distance learning

Rather than just outlining all of the hurdles your business may face, this guide goes one step further and outlines workable solutions. Even more important are solutions that any company can implement to increase employee motivation and get the most out of the online training platform.

Engage your remote workers by developing a collaborative learning culture

The creation of a learning culture doesn’t happen overnight. However, this eBook can give you a head start and help you identify potential obstacles along the way. Download the eBook. Engage virtual workers in a learning culture to uncover three strategies you can use to develop a supportive and collaborative learning culture for your remote teams.

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