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How to strengthen self-confidence with sales and partner training

Sales and partner training courses are not only intended for new employees. Employees and external sales channels need continuous support in order to achieve their goals and to represent your brand image. This eBook walks you through each step of the implementation process from start to finish. You will learn how to deliver training in a tight timeframe and use innovative methods to measure employee performance. First, let’s discuss who needs sales and partner training and why it’s so important to growing your business.

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Ensure business growth with effective sales and partner training

Boost sales stats and employee confidence with a solid sales and partner training strategy.

Who will benefit from sales and partner training?

One of the most common assumptions about sales and partner training is that it is reserved for “product jugs”. In fact, every member of your team can benefit from this training strategy to some extent. For example, customer service representatives learn more about your products and improve their interpersonal skills. This enables them to deal with customer complaints more effectively and make the best use of sales opportunities after the purchase, for example by offering add-ons or upgrades.

Another important group that can benefit from sales and partner training are external channels and remote sales teams. They get the support they need to not only seal the deal but also take on the role of trademark attorney. For example, partners know company policies and compliance regulations before meeting with customers, which keeps your brand reputation intact. Customers don’t have to worry about misinformation or exaggerated sales complaints.

Why Every Business Should Consider A Sales Training Strategy

Whether you are an SMB just starting to think about expanding globally or a Fortune 500 company venturing into new industries, sales and partner training can help you get the best results. Here are some reasons every business, large or small, should consider starting a sales and partner training program for their remote teams today:

Reduce return rates

Customers who have all the information they need and are confident about their purchase are less likely to return it. However, your sales reps and outside partners need to be able to share this important information and determine value for money. For example, explore innovative uses for the product so customers know exactly what to expect and how to maximize functionality. However, employees must also convey the product restrictions and maintenance instructions in order to reduce the return rate.

Improve CX scores

Customers who know what is in stock and trust the seller are usually happy with the transaction. Everything has been described for them and they know this product or service will help them address personal pain points. In addition, your employees and partners have the basic skills to provide outstanding services such as communication and empathy. These are the key ingredients for an amazing customer experience so that consumers get repeat business.

Keeping top performers

Top salespeople are constantly looking for new ways to expand their skills and knowledge. Therefore, you need to provide them with personalized support and sales training resources to fill in the gaps immediately. They are more likely to stay in your company if they are specifically trained to develop core competencies and reach their full potential. Effective sales and partner training will also help you attract top talent as they are part of an attractive hiring package. Qualified candidates know that your company values ​​continuous development and is ready to invest in the success of employees and partners.

About this eBook

This guide is intended for sales managers and L&D professionals alike. It offers actionable sales training strategies, assessment methods, and much more. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find in this eBook:

  • 5 reasons why education and retraining are critical to talent development
  • 8 Critical Sales Skills EVERY Sales Rep and Channel Partner Should Master Today
  • Top Sales Training Strategies: How to Achieve Goals and Build Self-Confidence
  • 5 actionable tips for delivering online sales training on a tight schedule
  • 7 Creative Ways to Track Sales Enablement Training and Identify Pain Points
  • 9 Features To Look For In Your Sales Training LMS To Increase ROI


Download the eBook to ensure your business grows with impactful sales and partner training to learn about the in and out of sale online training and discover industry secrets. It’s a must have for businesses of all sizes, especially those looking for cost-effective ways to improve job performance.

eBook publication: VIVAHR


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