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Go to Salt Lake unveils new model for the vacation spot

Salt Lake is more modern, progressive, inclusive, and vibrant than travelers think, and VSL intends to share the story of its fresh, creative energy.

  • New brand launched to serve all of Salt Lake
  • Recently, Salt Lake has seen a dramatic surge in vacation travel, and business travel is rising right behind
  • The new brand will bring about a stronger recovery in the visitor economy and dramatically increase the number of visitors to tourism and congresses

Visit Salt Lake (VSL), in partnership with Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson, has launched a new brand that will serve all of Salt Lake. This new brand, much more than just a logo change for VSL, will serve our entire destination. It is being launched to achieve a stronger recovery in the visitor economy and to dramatically increase the number of visitors to tourism and congresses.

Extensive research has shown that the perception of our potential visitors lags far behind the reality of our travel destination. Salt Lake is more modern, progressive, inclusive, and vibrant than travelers think, and VSL intends to share the story of its fresh, creative energy.

Visit Salt Lake understands that this new brand is a key element in our recovery. The “new visitor economy” is just around the corner and VSL is taking strategic steps to secure our place in it. Salt Lake has seen a dramatic increase in vacation travel recently, with business travel picking up momentum right behind. There is a unique opportunity to change misconceptions about Salt Lake and present Salt Lakes with an incredibly modern, fresh, vibrant travel destination that is truly inclusive and authentic.

“Together we’re building a stronger visitor economy that is more resilient and relevant to everyone,” said Kaitlin Eskelson, President & CEO of Visit Salt Lake. “We have just launched a compelling new brand for our entire destination that will serve us as we rebuild and on our way to a very bright future. We are enthusiastic about our place and look forward to educating would-be travelers about our secret gems. “

In nearly 40 years in business, this is the first true brand identity campaign Visit Salt Lake has launched. The entire rebranding process took years. Visit Salt Lake had previously launched a research, brainstorming, and fact-finding mission called Project Blueprint. The wealth of data from this project was incorporated into the new branding approach.

After an intensive application process, a new branding agency, BVK, based in Milwaukee, was selected for its extensive expertise in repositioning and telling stories from destination marketing organizations such as VSL, high-end hotels and resorts, tour operators, attractions, airports and airlines. Ultimately, they uncovered amazing insights into Salt Lake and those who travel here.

“As a Visit Salt Lake partner, we are confident that this new direction will bring great results and enable VSL to attract more conventions, vacationers and visitors. The size and scope of the visitor economy is substantial, ”said Jenny Wilson, Salt Lake County Mayor. “Salt Lake County’s $ 4.65 billion in Utah’s $ 10.1 billion visitor economy represents Utah’s eighth largest industry and offers every Salt Lake County household a tax break of $ 1,166.”

The new brand platform “West of Conventional” recognizes that Salt Lake is the interface of many facets, where unconventional ideas make for a better world. Here in the modern mountain center of the west, things that normally don’t go together effortlessly merge, creating a diverse and creative spirit that brings better thinking and fresh ideas into the world. This is where our diverse cultures, leisure activities and landscapes meet. The logo’s new salt crystal design recognizes that there are many facets to life in Salt Lake and VSL will use this visually to tell the story. The new “Kreuzung” advertising campaign will run nationwide.

“BVK and Visit Salt Lake are working together to develop a strong, sustainable and unified brand for Salt Lake. Travel destinations have to rethink and restructure themselves in order to meet the changing requirements not only of travelers, but also of the local community – those who live and work here, ”said Stephanie Barkow, SVP Brand Strategy at BVK. “The perception of Salt Lake lags far behind the realities. Here, things that shouldn’t go together do miraculously. And it fosters an environment of fresh, creative energy in which unconventional thinking enables a better way forward. “

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