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Finest Worker Coaching Software program: Unlock Elevated Studying Experiences

Take learning experiences to the next level with the best employee training software

The move to a digital workplace had already gained momentum in the years before COVID-19 – the pandemic has only accelerated this trend and is showing no signs of slowing. In a 2020 study by Growmotely, professionals and entrepreneurs shared their thoughts on remote working with 74% of professionals and 76% of entrepreneurs who expect working from home to become the new standard. Beyond this forecast, 97% of employees do not want to return to the office full time and prefer flexible work options with remote working for the best employee experience.

Many companies are recognizing the benefits of having an online workforce, including saving potential location-related costs, expanding the hiring pool beyond the local area, and the flexibility their top talent crave. Now that some organizations are likely to make the transition permanent, those responsible for learning and development need to prepare for what it means in the long run. Executives must rely on employee training software such as a Learning Management System (LMS) to better conduct onboarding, retraining, continuing education, and continuing education training in a partially or fully digital environment.

Read on to find out how an LMS can create the ideal training experience for employees to ensure optimal business growth, employee satisfaction, and a thriving learning culture.

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Common online learning challenges that the LMS employee training solution can solve

With the rise of digital learning comes a number of considerations that executives need to plan for in order to create high quality learning experiences. Some common online learning challenges for managers are:

Commitment to learners

Are your learners responding well to your current L&D strategy? Are you busy with the course material?

Choosing the right learning content

With the abundance of courses available and the ever-increasing need for new skills in areas such as technology, inclusion, and leadership, it’s important to choose the right content.

Promote a sense of community

For a lasting learning culture, connecting with your learners is everything. However, when managing a dispersed workforce, organic personal social interaction is not always easy to restore.

Expand learner access

For the best employee experience, learners must have full and comprehensive access to their learning material beyond the desktop.

Employee training software provides learners with personalized learning paths and interactive tools

Most people want relativity and relevance when confronted with new content. According to eLearning Industry, 77% of L&D experts believe that personalized learning is critical to employee engagement. An LMS can provide this level of personal attention through engagement tools. Administrators can customize billboards and messages in training portals to promote relevant content to specific user groups. For example, you could promote a specific course for the salespeople in your organization and something else for your finance team.

In addition, an LMS allows you to create bespoke learning pathways for each learner or group of learners to ensure everyone gets exactly the training they need. This personalized content, accessed through your employee training software, drives engagement. Interactive engagement tools like polls, badges, and leaderboards generate interest in your personalized content and improve the employee experience.

Selection of effective eLearning courses and out-of-the-box expertise

Given the need for employees to learn new technology, the ongoing social responsibility conversations and ongoing cycle of retraining and continuing education are critical to finding relevant and engaging eLearning content. The best employee training software will partner with eLearning content providers who offer courses on everything from professional development to health and wellness to technology and compliance.

By quickly providing your team with the relevant content they need, you can create a positive employee experience. When looking for an LMS, look for an LMS that offers turnkey integrations with leading content libraries. Also, look for one that has built-in course creation if you need to create custom course content. This can help you deliver the right content to your learners in the fastest possible way.

Build a connected community through social learning and collaboration

Remote workers face a number of challenges they may never have dealt with, including feeling separate. According to Buffer’s 2020 report on the state of remote working, loneliness is the biggest battle remote workers face. As the L&D leader, you can help create a sense of connectedness for your learners through your employee training software. Download the eBook to dive into the social learning stats!

Ideally, your LMS contains social learning capabilities that engage, inspire, and bring your learners together. Essential social learning tools consist of functions such as:

  • Gamification elements such as badges and leaderboards inspire friendly competition.
  • Interactive surveys to get instant feedback from your employees and generate discussions.
  • Social media and news feeds in your LMS to keep your team updated and encourage informal conversations.


While the right employee training software is an important part of how you can start building a great learning experience, the first way to really improve your learning experience can begin with onboarding. Read on to learn how the right LMS can meet and exceed modern onboarding expectations.

How do you weave the culture into every aspect of employee development to create meaningful change? Download the eBook Lifelong L&D: How to Develop a Culture of Learning in Support of Modern Work Environments for further insight into cultivating a culture that promotes lifelong learning.

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