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Emirates President welcomes digital Arabian Journey Market

After last week’s Arab Personal Travel Market (ATM), the Middle East’s largest travel and tourism showcase continued this week with the opening of ATM Virtual today (Monday, May 24, 2021).

  1. The motto of the three-day event is “A message for travel and tourism”.
  2. The Emirates president believes that air travel demand could return at an astounding rate by the fourth quarter of 2021 if the vaccination program beats the virus.
  3. Aviation, regional tourism, travel destinations and technology are some of the key topics discussed on the first day of ATM Virtual 2021.

With the same theme, “A New Dawn for Travel and Tourism”, the three-day event, specially designed for industry professionals unable to attend the personal ATM event, kicked off this year with Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates, giving an honest look ahead the aviation industry rebounded.

During a virtual conversation with leading aviation consultant John Strickland, who conducted the interview from London, Sir Tim first gave his opinion on the recovery period for the aviation sector.

“The ideal situation is that the vaccination program beats the virus by the fall of this year and we get some relief, then demand will return at an amazing rate. Low costs (airlines) will benefit from intra-European travel, the US domestic market, China’s domestic market and international travel will (also) return in large numbers, ”said Sir Tim.

“But the problem (with this scenario) will be twofold. The airlines’ ability to meet demand and, secondly, the conditionality of country access requirements, ”he added.

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