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eLearning Enterprise Banner Adverts: Ought to You Make investments?

Are eLearning Business Banner Ads a Good Investment?

Should you launch a banner advertising campaign for eLearning, or should you use some other advertising path? The tricky thing about marketing is that you never really know which strategies will work. There is always some risk. On the other hand, there are certain techniques that have been tried and tested to promote eLearning solutions.

ROS banners and pop-up banners, for example, have been shown to increase website traffic and generate qualified leads. While some naysayers claim they are a waste of time and money, the benefits of banner advertising that I present below speak for themselves!

7 reasons why eLearning business banner advertising is a good marketing tool

1. Start targeted campaigns

Many marketing strategies are based on a “cast the net wide” approach. You are trying to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible, even if they are not necessarily interested in your product. The hope is that at least a small percentage of them will click through and convert into sales. However, e-learning business banner ads can be very targeted, helping you reach more decision makers. For example, you can target specific countries or run banner ads that are targeted at buyer personality. Imagine dropping the net and opting for a pole that will attract larger catches.

2. Increase traffic to your product pages

One of the most compelling reasons to use banner advertising is to increase website traffic to your most converting pages. Regardless of whether it is an LMS, an authoring tool or a landing page for L&D solutions. You can direct your marketing funnel where it is needed to increase sales. Your goal should be to attract executives and other decision makers willing to invest.

Also, remember that in addition to running banner ads on your own website, you can also try to reach new audiences by taking advantage of quality traffic from other platforms. For example, here at eLearning Industry you can get in touch with more than 936,000 readers per month and get your message in front of the right people! You see, solutions are available, you just need to know where to look.

If you want to learn the secret to running successful banner ads for eLearning, check out our Ultimate Popup Banner Ads Guide.

3. Promote new products or services

You may need to announce that you are starting new services, or you may need to promote features that you have just added to your learning management system. Use eLearning business banners to increase excitement for new products, services and special offers. For example, educate qualified buyers about your new compliance certification features and how they can mitigate risk. So start a ROS banner or pop-up banner campaign to raise awareness and direct them to your compliance-oriented landing page.

Still don’t know which of the two is best? ROS banners are a more subtle way to gain impressions and increase awareness, while popups can increase your click-through rate and actually drive your traffic to the landing page you want. The most important thing is that banner advertising is a perfect channel to increase your reach and grab the attention of your target audience. How can you do that? By following the right strategy. Marketing funnels are your friends. The more topic-specific your banner advertisement, the better conversions you can achieve.

4. Actionable reporting

You can also use banner ad campaigns to collect valuable big data for future marketing strategies, such as: B. Conversion rates and audience demographics. Another benefit is the ability to do A / B testing and see which approach gives the best results. You may need to tweak your copywriting, CTAs, graphics, or ad targeting to maximize your click-through rates, for example. Then you can tweak your banner ad settings and use actionable reporting metrics to potentially expand your marketing plan.

5. Expand your mailing list

A lesser known fact about eLearning banners is that pop-up banners can be used as registration forms. For example, your marketing team may ask visitors to add their contact information to join your list and receive exclusive content or offers. That way, you can expand your contact database and build more business for your LMS or authoring tool company. They know these website visitors love to buy. At the very least, they are at the end of the funnel on an information trip and you have an opportunity to develop a relationship.

6. Increase brand awareness inexpensively

Banner advertising puts you in front of corporate training buyers who are already interested in your offerings. Because of this, they see the display ads, which are often based on search intent. The catch is, they may not fully know your brand yet. Competitors who implement banner ads are likely to land sales because they are front and center. Not only do you have to keep up with the competition, you always have to be one step ahead.

With category-specific banner popups, you can increase your brand’s credibility and stand out from the crowd online.

7. Offer discounts

Who can resist a lot? Most people click on banner ads because there is a sense of urgency and they can’t bring themselves to click away. So instead click your way through. But you also want to take advantage of discounts and special offers. For example, you can offer them an exclusive eBook or introductory price when they buy your LMS today. They are more likely to turn into a paying customer when something is at stake, such as: B. Missing a special offer. This is why it’s so important to write a compelling copy for your eLearning banner ad and include a CTA – preferably one that extends an offer they just can’t refuse.

Do you want to lead the right buyers to your favorite landing pages?

Learn how banner advertising can help you target corporate training buyers.

What is the difference between ROS banner ads and category-specific popups?

Once you have determined that banner advertising is not a waste of money, it is time to choose the best banner advertising format for your business. Run of Site banner ads can appear at the top of your page or in the sidebars. The other option is to use category-specific pop-up banner ads that take over the screen. You can use the latter for more interactive marketing promos.

For example, invite visitors to take a quiz or complete a short survey. Either option can prove fruitful. After all, your main goal is to drive your prospects into the marketing funnel. Step by step, you can use this strategy to increase traffic, but also Qualify your leads based on the actions they take!


Many companies invest in eLearning banners because they want to take control of their spending and get actionable marketing data. Here at eLearning Industry you can choose between run of site banner advertising (ROS) or category-specific pop banners. Some marketers even take a hybrid approach to speed up their promotions and prepare for launches or upcoming events. The point is, you can customize your marketing campaign based on your goals, audience, and budget.

Are you ready to launch your first banner ad strategy and reach decision makers in record time? Whether you’re an LMS company just getting started or an eLearning content provider looking to expand their customer base, we can help! Contact us to set up your eLearning banner ad campaign.

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