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Surprising Benefits of eLearning Marketing Localization for Online Training Professionals

The marketing localization of eLearning helps you to provide relevant and relatable content for your target group. But is it worth the investment? Can it really help you generate more leads and promote your eLearning solutions cheaply? This article explains the many benefits online training companies can get with a top notch marketing localization strategy. I also share insider tips with outbound marketing to increase conversions and increase the reach of your eLearning target audience.

8 sales-boosting benefits of a marketing localization strategy

1. Personalize promos

Prospects are interested in news that is tailored to them, not consistent content. To get your marketing localization right, you need to understand the international audience. As a result, you can create content that is most relevant to them by tailoring it to their culture and behavior. From the copy to the graphics to the user experience, it has to look authentic. Your messages need to match the prospect you are targeting.

With eLearning Marketing Localization, you can personalize content and promotions to suit their needs and purchasing needs. For example, customize banner ads and popups to attract qualified buyers with specific authoring tool must-haves. On the other hand, you might prefer to focus on decision makers in a particular region or business unit. Leads are more likely to click through if the ad speaks to them on a personal level. Same goes for your email marketing campaigns or any way you try to reach them.

2. Tap Specific Pain Points

Ultimately, buyers are interested in your product or service for a reason. This could be to improve customer service outcomes or resolve compliance issues. Either way, you need to capitalize on these vulnerabilities to help your e-learning business grow and stand out from the crowd. An effective marketing localization strategy gives you the opportunity to fill in the gaps for each group of buyers.

For example, start an email marketing campaign in their native language that lists all the relevant USPs and their practical benefits. You can even highlight how your features or services relate to actual challenges. Or, you might want to create content that addresses the issues your prospects are facing in a particular country. Hence, it can be very beneficial to position your content by giving them solutions that are in line with their culture and lifestyle. One thing is certain: content localization is vital if you want to reach new target markets.

3. Improve click-through rates

One of the key benefits of localizing eLearning marketing is improving click-through rates and conversions. Generic ads might get thousands of impressions, but only a handful of leads actually click the link. Localized marketing content, on the other hand, involves specific user groups. First and foremost, you need to understand the target audience of a foreign country and their purchase expectations. Localization allows you to touch all the key spots they are looking for and start a relationship instantly.

For example, your browser notifications and banner ads will grab the attention of potential customers if they focus on search intent and are implemented the moment they need your solution most. The key here is to have information about who to address. It’s always the right time to reach potential customers. For example, what websites did you visit while surfing your website? What are you looking for? The actions they take, or even how they react when you groom them with your drip campaigns, will dictate how you need to approach them.

Eventually, if you manage to sound as authentic as possible with your localization strategy, you have a better chance of getting more clicks.

4. Increase international search engine optimization

Researching potential markets is one of the most challenging aspects of running a corporate training business. You have created a niche for yourself. How do you expand your market share and become successful in foreign markets? Localizing eLearning marketing improves internal SERP rankings so you can help your company fit in with the target culture.

For example, create content with relatable terminology and cultural references to improve search engine optimization. The key is to do your market research and pick the right keywords. You can even create separate promotion strategies for different regions or groups to increase your spend. That way, you can improve the results of your content strategy by promoting your assets based on the specific audience you want to target.

5. Identify new target markets

You may not even realize that certain international markets are interested in your unique product or service – and this is where a marketing localization strategy comes in. This marketing approach is not about trial and error. The first step is to define all local requirements and evaluate your KPIs. This will give you a better understanding of the current gaps so you can optimize your marketing goals and strategy. You may want to consider both inbound and outbound marketing solutions to connect with more international leads.

There are many tools that you can use to introduce your product to a new audience. Be it through content, banner ads, email marketing, or featured in directory listings, you can have your voice heard around the world with the right news.

6. Improve your brand image for specific local audiences

Are you looking for opportunities to find new customers and be discovered by new target groups? Localizing eLearning marketing will help you improve your brand image and venture into global markets. For example, a prospect is looking for the best authoring tool for their industry or price range. He also wants a platform with support services and / or customer training in his native language.

Global localization allows you to connect with that specific demographic and fill market gaps. Leads also appreciate the fact that your marketing efforts are focused on them and their vulnerabilities, especially if they are part of a user group that your competition usually overlooks. That means you can use a content strategy that focuses on specific audiences.

7. Use PPC directory listings and geo-bids

Social evidence is vital to long-term business success, regardless of your eLearning niche. A PPC directory listing is a great way to build a solid reputation for your brand. More importantly, qualified buyers can actually find your reviews and ratings thanks to SEO. Let’s assume you are on the market for a new learning management system for compliance training. Your business listing profile is displayed thanks to carefully selected keywords in Google SERPS and brought to the landing page. So make sure you add your business listing to as many directories as possible. Bonus Points If you can find local directory listings to add your business to, this makes it easy for users to find you when looking for solutions in their country.

Additionally, entering directory listings is at the core of creating relevant social evidence. Visitors can instantly rate your star rating and weigh the pros and cons of your solution. You also have the option of picking out your unique selling points and outstanding features. So make sure you get reviews from users from different countries. This will be beneficial in the long run. Finally, note that multiple directories allow you to update your free listing to a PPC listing. Here you can take advantage of PPC geo-bids and target the regions that interest you most.

8. Take control of the spending

Last but not least, eLearning marketing localization gives you complete control of your budget. You can set your own spending cap and focus on key domestic markets. Or maybe you need to take a global approach and expand the SEO web wide to generate more leads. The point is, a localization strategy gets you in the driver’s seat. In contrast, other advertising strategies often have long delays or limited key figures.

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