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eight Stunning Time Administration Stats

Are project time tracking tools worth the investment?

Some companies avoid project time tracking tools because they believe they are micro-managing remote workers. Or that the investment is not worthwhile because there is already a traditional attendance system. Employees clock in and out, then accounts payable calculates payroll at the end of the week. However, the right project tracking app offers more than just billing for billable hours. This can help you increase employee productivity, reduce absenteeism, and even improve customer satisfaction, as these surprising time management statistics show.

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8 Stats ALL Time Tracking Apps Buyers Should Know

1. Almost 90% of employees admit to wasting time on the clock

Employees admit they waste around 30 minutes every working day. A staggering 10% of employees say the number is closer to 3 hours. If you add up all the employees on the payroll, a lot of time is wasted every week. Time that fits into your profit margin and forces you to miss project deadlines. For example, if you have 50 employees, at least 125 hours of work are wasted EVERY week. With the help of time tracking tools, your team can focus on the task at hand and take into account every minute of the working day.

2. Organizations spend 16 days a year looking for paperwork

Organizations that still rely on manual entry and printed timesheets can search for documents up to 16 days a year. Project time tracking systems centralize all of your records so you can process payroll, settle clients, and update your accounts. As a result, you can use those 16 days to complete a project or expand your market reach.

3. UK based employees hesitate over 2 hours a day

One of the most shocking statistics about time management is that employees in the UK spend approximately 2 hours and 11 minutes postponed EVERY working day. According to studies, the most time consuming distraction is texting, which lasts 28 minutes. Another surprising statistic is that they spend around 16 minutes visiting social media sites. Time tracking platforms monitor every aspect of their day so they know how much time is being spent on unused activities.

4. Employees spend about 2 hours a day overcoming distractions

Social media, texting, and gossiping with colleagues don’t just affect work performance at the moment. In fact, it takes employees up to 2 hours each day to recover from these distractions. For example, they may have to reread documents because they didn’t pay attention. Or just get in the right mood to get the job done. The right project tracking system prevents distractions as employees know they will be held accountable.

5. Employees are most productive between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm

Employees are usually at their productive peak in the morning hours. Time tracking tools allow you to create more flexible schedules for your team to maximize internal talent and generate time management statistics. On the other hand, employees who are atypical and tend to work more productively in the evenings can develop their full potential. Because you can track employees 24/7 and allow them to create their own agendas provided they get the job done on time.

6. The working time is limited to 3 minutes

Regardless of whether it’s our short attention spans or our tendency to multitask, employees only spend about 3 minutes on tasks. Then it goes on to the next one. Time tracking tools allow employees to focus on what they are doing instead of trying to divide up their mental abilities. You start the work timer at the beginning of the task and then take a break. When it comes time to move on to another task, they need to take this into account in the system. Therefore, they have a better overview of the task completion times and can look for opportunities for improvement. For example, they may need to spend more time on this activity to avoid common mistakes.

7. Almost 80% of an employee’s work day consists of activities of little value

Many employees are unaware that they have time management issues. They log into the work platform with the best of intentions and then spend nearly 80% of their time doing low value tasks. One of the advantages of project time tracking is that employees can evaluate their work habits and their contribution to your organization. For example, does an employee really have to spend half an hour searching your inventory if they did the same task this morning? Should you do online market research the first hour of your work day, or would you be better off spending your time elsewhere?

8. 46% of work-related stress is due to high workload

In the United States, nearly half of all work-related stress is caused by high workload. Perhaps the manager does not realize how many tasks he has assigned to a person. Or the employee puts too much pressure on himself and puts him in the fast lane to job burnout. In any case, time recording systems offer employees the opportunity to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Teams can evenly distribute workload based on maximum capacity. For example, an employee can only work 20 additional hours this week because the current project requires the other 20. Employees also need to keep a record of all of their activities rather than trying to “sneak” into overtime when they are out of the clock.


Project time tracking tools enable employees to meet deadlines, identify areas for improvement, and monitor work performance from anywhere in the world. You can also use a project tracking app to make the most of your work day and avoid external distractions. What contributes to the company’s results. Ideally, you should look for platforms with working hours and project overviews so that employees can plan ahead. Track the completion times of tasks and optimize work processes.

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