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Performance Management Training: How to get your employees on board

Let’s face it, online performance management training isn’t a favorite thing to do for your employees. In fact, it is furthest away from warm woolen mittens and whiskers in kittens. This is because it takes a lot of self-reflection and personal evaluation. They have to identify potential for improvement and strengths in order to continuously develop their talents. However, a new online performance management training program can help them increase productivity in the workplace and get the most out of them. Even if it is a sometimes cathartic process. Here are 7 ways to get employees on board so they can really benefit from your new online training strategy.

7 Ways To Get Employee Buy-In Today

1. Host an event to start things off with full transparency

Before starting your new online performance management training to clear the air, schedule a live online training course. Employees have the opportunity to raise their concerns and ask questions. This also gives you the opportunity to be completely transparent about what your new strategy involves and how people are expected to get involved. For example, you need to know that a whole new round of certifications is coming up. As well as other social learning tools that require your active collaboration. The key to buy-in is making your employees feel like they are part of something bigger. That your ideas are taken into account and play an important role in your eLearning development process.

2. Make them aware of the practical benefits

Employees are more likely to choose the next online performance management training program if you bring up a crucial question. Which is: what do you get out of it? Make them aware of the practical benefits they can expect. Such as the skills you will build and how they will carry over to the workplace. Or what performance issues you will be addressing and why this is so critical to productivity in the workplace. Be specific so that they will be excited about the new benefits of your online training program.

3. Welcome your eLearning feedback with open arms (and heads)

Many organizations make the mistake of treating online training like a monologue. They provide their employees with the online training resources they need, but do not request eLearning feedback. What you need is an open dialogue with your employees in order to receive their input and to respond to it. Welcome their opinions and thoughts on previous performance management topics. Then use the information to continually refine your online training strategy and customize your internal marketing tools. If you had a major problem with the lack of interactivity in your previous online training courses, focus on how this new online performance management training course features simulations, branching scenarios, and other immersive experiences.

4. Assess to uncover undisclosed pain points

Another great way to get eLearning feedback without asking for it directly is to pre-evaluate your employees. Offer them pop quizzes to spot weaknesses and see how to address them in your new online performance management training strategy. Employees will buy into the new program knowing it is an improvement on what they saw before. Not just a recycled version of past online training content once again roaming common areas for improvement. You need to know that the new online performance management training strategy will address personal weaknesses and gaps better than this iteration.

5. Offer sneak previews

Give your employees a little taste of what to expect with sneak previews. It can be a 5-minute glimpse into a serious game or the latest online training simulation. The key is getting them excited about your new online performance management training strategy and setting the mood ahead of time. They know what topics are being dealt with, how much interactivity is and how much they are involved. You can also combine the sneak previews with subsequent eLearning feedback sessions to get their honest input. For example, do a focus group or survey to see what they think of the new skill building podcast series based on the first episode.

6. Start a social media group to build the buzz ahead of time

Social media groups help you publicize your new performance management online training program and actively involve employees at an early stage. They will have the opportunity to discuss the new online training course, predict how it will help them improve performance, and provide eLearning feedback. You can find out what to expect from online performance management training and adjust your strategy accordingly. This is also a great opportunity to initiate online discussion and share the latest online resources and updates. For example, host the aforementioned live pre-launch event and then broadcast the conversation to the social media group. Employees can share their thoughts on the topics of the event and interact with remote employees to inspire each other.

7. Get managers and team leaders on board

Managers set the tone. If they’re excited about the benefits of your new online performance management training program, employees will follow suit. The buzz is likely to spread like wildfire. Invite your team leaders to join a closed group or attend monthly events that will keep them updated. Get them on board by collecting their eLearning feedback and giving them access to tools in advance. For example tutorials that show you how to use the new LMS. Or videos that provide a brief overview of the online training courses you have developed and their translation into the real world.


You can only do a lot when it comes to involving employees and promoting active participation. They need to be ready and willing to dive into the eLearning development process and overcome assumptions / prejudices that are holding them back. Use this article to get their approval and build the tension before, during, and after your online performance management training.

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