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Digital Studying Maturity In Your Group

Growing up is hard, but maturing is harder

Digital learning maturity is of great importance to any e-learning professional right now, but what exactly is it? Maturity, in general, is the measurement of an organization’s ability to continuously improve in a particular discipline. The higher the maturity, the higher the likelihood that incidents or errors will result in improvements in the quality or use of the discipline’s resources implemented by the organization. Basically, maturity is how your company learns to respond appropriately to its environment. Digital learning maturity is about being able to improve yourself in a digital learning environment with the help of your competition. However, it is also not something that your organization, leaders, and employees instinctively know how to do. This eBook was written for these people.

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Digital learning maturity in your organization

Learn how digital learning maturity can help your business meet its biggest challenges cost-effectively.

This guide explains the concept of maturity and how you can use it to unlock new opportunities for improvement and stability. It should be noted that digital learning maturity is not the ultimate goal of this journey. It’s just a tool that helps you understand and improve the dynamics that exist in the specific context of your organization.

About the eBook Digital Learning Maturity in your company

The maturity of digital learning in your company is divided into three chapters. Each of them offers a new level of knowledge and expertise that gently guides the reader through some of their more difficult concepts. The e-book will prove extremely valuable to both veterans and beginners alike.

The basic principles of maturity models

The eBook begins with a clear explanation of the basic principles of maturity models. There’s a full roadmap from Maslow to Kirkpatrick that explains how each of these maturity models came about and what it’s about. The most important thing is that none of these models should be used as a benchmark, but rather to help you understand your own organization properly.

Maturity in the digital age

This chapter focuses on the Emerald Works Index and the cycle of maturity and impact. The Emerald Works Index was created in 2003 by Laura Overton and aims to analyze and assess the overall health of corporate learning. Formerly the Towards Maturity Index, this is an important tool for all learning professionals.

From the learning bubble to the workflow

The next chapter on maturing digital learning in your organization focuses on Dani Johnson’s Enterprise Learning Framework. Before starting her own consulting firm, Dani was with Josh Bersin at Deloitte helping with work on the HILO model. When she became self-employed, she decided to use her in-depth expertise in management science and business consulting to refine the HILO model. Their goal was to bring it closer to business reality, aligned with their philosophy for a fully decentralized and personalized L&D strategy that ultimately focuses on the main goal of simplifying the business.

Using Organizational Maturity to Get Results with CrossKnowledge

The final chapter of the eBook is about how you can actually use organizational maturity to get results with CrossKnowledge. You have identified the three main phases on the road to digital maturity and explain in detail the nature of each phase and its consequences. You too can follow this journey and even use CrossKnowledge’s six-dimensional framework.


The Digital Learning Maturity In Your Organization eBook is a valuable resource that is filled to the brim with amazing perspectives on the maturity of digital learning. The advice you will find is written by some of the most insightful experts in the industry and is guaranteed to help you understand maturity in the context of your business.

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