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Digital Coaching On-line Convention – eLearning Business

In the heat of the pandemic, the learning and development industries saw increased demand for distance learning. This was accompanied by the rise of online training and a move towards virtual solutions. However, the quick change from face-to-face training to virtual training did not necessarily go smoothly. Going forward, it’s important to understand what worked and what didn’t so we know which strategies and tools are worth our attention and which are better left behind.

Visit us on August 4th & 5th for the Virtual training online conference, where we look at the lessons learned during the pandemic and give you the knowledge and skills you need to provide solutions to your virtual learners that stay with them and improve job performance.

By attending this event, you can:

  • Improve your presence as a moderator
  • Balance active tools (like chat and polls) with passive tools (like content sharing and video streaming)
  • Find out which VILT platform is right for you
  • Use scenario-based learning in virtual space
  • And more!

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Are you interested, but can’t be there on August 4th or 5th? Register anyway to receive session recordings and handouts after the event.

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