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Advantages of discussion forums in training

The discussion forum is at the heart of the online training as learners from different countries can easily interact and learn from each other. In addition, discussion forums create collaborative learning that makes your eLearning course more unique. Nowadays it is even easier for e-learning professionals to create discussion forums through a learning management system (LMS). In this article we will discuss why the discussion forum is an important feature of eLearning training.

1. Peer-to-peer verification

A discussion forum is a platform where learners can express their thoughts on a topic. However, another learner can add feedback to another learner’s response in the discussion forum. Peer-to-peer review enables discussions between learners and enables them to learn from each other so that learners don’t have to wait for the trainer as other learners are happy to provide constructive feedback.

The peer-to-peer forum also motivates learners to do more, especially if one person finds they are lagging far behind the others on the course. For example, when the learner realizes that he has little or no knowledge about the topics discussed in the forum. The person will try to meet with the rest of the discussion forum.

2. Improves the quality of work

Discussion forums are a great way to improve learners and the quality of their work. Ideas shared among learners are used to improve their work. In addition, individuals often share their work with teachers and other learners in the discussion forum. In doing this, they are doing their best to create high quality work that they are proud of. Therefore, the learner checks for errors before publishing such documents.

3. Helps learners prepare better

In a discussion forum, a tutor or other learner can ask a learner questions. The learner is preparing very well to be able to participate fully. For example, if the learner has not prepared beforehand, it is difficult to answer questions during the discussion. Therefore, they do their best to learn all the relevant materials before contributing to the discussion forum. However, if a learner does not answer questions in the discussion group, it motivates the learner to better prepare for the next round.

4. Role play

One of the beauties of the discussion forum is that it brings together learners from all over the world. People can come together to role-play regardless of their location. Role play is considered a great team activity that everyone participates in to achieve a common goal.

5. Different perspectives

The discussion forum allows teachers to see things from the learner’s perspective. Additionally, learners can also see the eLearning course and learn from others’ perspectives and help them grow together. Based on location, gender, age group or upbringing, learners may have different opinions on a topic. Your ideologies will be shared on the discussion forum and this could be helpful for other learners. When learners interact, they can also learn about other people’s cultures and beliefs. For example, adolescent learners can learn from the experiences or opinions of adult learners about life. In the meantime, a teenage learner’s opinion about technology can be of great help to adult learners.

6. Fun learning

Discussion forums create a fun learning environment. The learners challenge other learners in quizzes or games in the discussion forum. Games and quizzes encourage the participant to challenge others and be at the top of the leaderboard. The fun activity can lead to improved knowledge retention and learner engagement. Some learners may play for fun, but most are motivated to play and win, which gives them a sense of achievement.

7. Leads to future courses

The discussion forum is an important tool for e-learning professionals to discover the latest trends in inter-learner learning. Professionals access learners’ knowledge via the discussion forum and use it to improve the quality of the content. In addition, professionals can discover a new course for learner learning and development. New methods and approaches will also be discovered and implemented in future courses.


A discussion forum is a fun tool that can be added to eLearning courses. However, the topics need to be linked to the objectives of the eLearning course in order to motivate, influence and motivate the learners.


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