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Design Studying Experiences that Affect Habits

The needs of the learner must always be taken into account when designing learning experiences. There are many different variables that help change the behavior of our learners, such as: B. their performance, their physical and social environment as well as their emotions, motivations and reflective habits. By recognizing these factors, we can better incorporate them into our learning solutions and better support overall job performance.

In this video research report, Julie Dirksen, author of Design for How People Learn, provides an in-depth look at the research-based work of Susan Michie et al., How behavioral changes can be identified and supported to improve job performance. Dirksen shares the common challenges that arise in designing and delivering learning solutions for behavior change and examines how they can be found in the COM-B model by Susan Michie et al. Can navigate to find the answers you need.

Download and review this report now to learn more about the COM-B model and how you can design successful learning experiences that support behavior change.

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