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Construct Your Personal Chatbots for Dialog Simulation with Twine : On-line Occasions Archive

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L & D at a small online conference 2020 – April 23, 2020

Paul Bills

Director of Chatbot Design
Mobile coach

Improving communication skills has benefits in almost any job, but they are expensive skills to practice – it usually requires live role-playing games or expensive technology. Is there a cheap, easy-to-use tool that you can use to create conversational simulations for training?

In this session you will learn how to solve this challenge with Twine, a simple, free, open source tool for creating non-linear, interactive text stories in HTML. It is intended for games, but offers great potential for scenario-based training and simple chatbots. It can provide a place for people to practice various conversations or conversational skills and explore multiple outcomes in a low barrier, low effort, and fun way. Learners can use Twine to create interactive training on conflict resolution, coaching, feedback, interview skills, and almost any conversational scenario.

In this session you will learn:

  • Using Twine, a free, open source interactive storytelling tool
  • Conversational simulation design best practices
  • Other chatbot tools that can add to your conversation simulation and training
  • How chatbots can support training
  • How to export Twine stories to HTML for easy integration into your existing learning ecosystem

Please note that this handout is an HTML file and is intended for use with the Twine platform or other applications that can edit HTML files.

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