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Consistency In On-line Coaching Prime Hurdles And Ideas

Online Training Consistency: How to Overcome the Main Barriers Businesses Face

Employees need to know what your company stands for and what to expect when they sign up for the online training platform. Hence, consistency is critical across the board. Employees must not only be able to do their best in the workplace, but also create a unified front. In this way, customers and customers understand your brand message and create trust. What they don’t want to see are sales reps, customer service reps, and managers who seem to be working from different playbooks. Below are 7 hurdles organizations must overcome in order to ensure consistency of eLearning in online training.

7 obstacles and tips for online training to overcome

1. Limited brand integration

You cannot incorporate your own branding due to the limited LMS customization. As a result, your online training resources do not reflect your image or identity, making them appear fragmented or disjointed. This also affects the sense of responsibility and organizational pride of your employees. They feel like you are offering them a general course rather than a cohesive online training experience that is representative of your brand. To overcome this hurdle, invest in an LMS that offers comprehensive brand integration support. For example, the ability to customize dashboards and integrate your logo and messages.

2. Unclear style guide or complete lack of it

Your style guide is everywhere. Nobody knows which font should be used for which resources. This not only affects the aesthetics, but also the consistency of your message. Your L&D team is not on the same page, so your staff cannot fully invest in the finished product. For this reason, it is important to develop a style guide that is the same in all areas. Everyone involved in the development process should know what to expect and how design can ensure consistency of online training. Pin the style guide to the LMS homepage and the eLearning Project Management platform to refresh your team’s memory.

3. Tonal ambiguity

You need to find the right tone to send the right message and create the right mood. Otherwise, employees will be confused and have difficulty establishing an emotional connection during the online training. Tonal ambiguity is a major hurdle that you must overcome in order to achieve consistent online training. Ideally, the tone should reflect the preferences, needs, and personalities of your target audience. For example, use a more professional tone when developing online training content for your external partners or franchisees. Likewise, a more chatty or personal tone can be perfect for new hires with jitter on the first day. But all of this needs to give your entire online training program a keynote that is the same for every online training course, module, or just-in-time resource. It needs to be indicative of your brand image so that it sends a clear message to employees.

4. Missing online training goals or objectives

The consistency of online training depends on what learning goals and objectives you want to achieve. Hence, you need to iron these out first to find the best direction for your design and get the results you want. For example, every member of the L&D team understands the goals of your compliance online training and works towards a common goal. Instead of everyone being on a different page and blindly trying to navigate the eLearning development process. Every text, graphic and graphic should not only reflect your brand, but also support the overall results.

5. Too many cooks in the L&D kitchen

There are just too many people working on the same project and nobody seems to want to take the lead. Even with an effective eLearning project manager on board, the employees do not know what the shared vision for the project is or how the goals can best be achieved. Fighting can even occur because certain people have conflicting ideas about the online training program. This gives you an unorganized online training course that feels like a mismatched puzzle. This is why it’s so important to have a pre-project meeting to lay the groundwork. Assign roles and make everyone aware of tone, pace, aesthetics, and learning goals.

6. Inflexible eLearning templates

Another obstacle that must be overcome to ensure the consistency of online training courses is exactly what should streamline the eLearning development process. eLearning templates are designed to create more cohesion and make your professional life easier. However, inflexible eLearning templates have the opposite effect. You cannot achieve your vision or include personalized items because they are too rigid. Or you are using an outdated eLearning template that does not reflect modern technology or the current look and feel of your online training. If your fast eLearning authoring tool doesn’t have versatile and customizable eLearning templates, search online for inexpensive options.

7. Unclear brand image and identity

Online training courses give your employees the skills and information they need to do their jobs. But it also creates an online environment where they soak up your brand and learn how to advocate for it when interacting with customers / customers. An unclear brand image or identity leads to unclear online training results. Employees do not know how to get their best foot forward because they are unsure of the direction. or what you expect from them in the workplace. We often think of branding as a marketing thing, but it applies to every aspect of your business. Including employee development.


Whether it is a serious microlearning game or a comprehensive online certification course, you need to ensure a consistent approach to online training. From the tone and pace to the underlying learning objectives, each piece of the puzzle needs to fall into place. Is your current online exercise program suffering from setbacks? And how can you work to create more cohesion and standardize the eLearning experience?

Incorporating branding into your online training course doesn’t stop with the logo and color scheme. Read Brand Image Alignment: 7 Brand Elements To Include In An LMS So Training Organizations Can See What Elements eLearning Organizations Should Include.


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