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CommLab India Ranks Third Amongst The High Customized eLearning Suppliers

Hyderabad, India – August 30, 2021

Your organization and your employees are unique! So why settle for general off-the-shelf courses? E-learning solutions that are specifically tailored to your learners will be highly valued and will also help you achieve your business goals. CommLab India, the world leader in fast eLearning, has been ranked 3rd among the top providers of custom eLearning solutions by the eLearning industry!

The CommLab India advantage

CommLab India’s USP – Rapid eLearning – helps them deliver bespoke eLearning courses on a large scale and speed without compromising quality or creativity. CommLab India does this through agile project management and solid instruction design as well as through the use of rapid authoring tools. Their huge pool of project managers, teaching designers, and developers enables companies to benefit from the services of a dedicated project manager and design team that works like its own extension.

The consulting partner

CommLab India consults with the organization, provides a thorough analysis of training needs and confirms that training is the solution to the performance gap identified by TNA. You will work closely with those involved in the project to decide on the need for blended learning solutions or bespoke eLearning, supplemented if necessary by digital performance support tools – based on the training topic and the demographics of the learner.

Custom eLearning solutions

CommLab India designs and develops custom courses for companies using the content from their existing training material – while ensuring that accuracy and commitment are not lost during conversion. CommLab India offers immersive custom eLearning courses that help learners go from passive receivers to active participants in their learning. They use popular teaching strategies such as scenarios, watch-try-do simulations, guided learning, game-based learning, and learning through exploration and discovery (LEAD), along with new age engagement elements such as personalization, open navigation and empathy.

Value-added services

Apart from custom eLearning solutions, CommLab India offers the full range of online training solutions:

  • eLearning translation and localization
  • Conversion of Flash courses (or older courses) to HTML5
  • LMS management services

When you choose CommLab India, you no longer have to worry about dealing with multiple vendors or missing schedules, inefficient pricing or a lack of efficient processes.

That’s what Dr. Ayesha Habeeb Omer, COO & Co-Founder, CommLab India on the award ceremony. “We have seen eLearning grow since its inception in 2000. This versatile learning format has evolved to meet the changing preferences of learners by incorporating strategies like storytelling and immersive technologies like VR. We are confident that eLearning will be the focus of corporate training and are happy to offer companies tailor-made eLearning solutions that exactly match their employee training – without compromising on quality! “

About CommLab India

With more than two decades of experience in the learning industry for 100 international customers in over 30 countries, CommLab India is one of the most sought-after global market leaders for fast eLearning solutions. It has been ranked # 1 among the top providers of rapid eLearning for 2021 and blended learning solutions for 2020 by the eLearning industry.

With impressive expertise in authoring tools and decades of corporate training and instruction design experience, CommLab India offers fast eLearning solutions for speed, scalability and value … with any authoring tool for:

  • Converting ILT material into educational, visually engaging, engaging eLearning curricula, virtual sessions and other digital learning formats
  • Convert legacy courses (from Flash or other authoring tool) to HTML5 even if no source files are available
  • Translation of English eLearning courses into 35 international languages ​​- both text and audio

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