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Coach’s Information: Discovering Success In Digital Coaching

Tools to start a personalized virtual training program

Talent developers have had to adapt to rapid changes in the face of the COVID crisis. The workforce has gone online and many companies have been forced to rethink their current L&D strategies. This guide can help you optimize the experience and convert your training resources to reduce costs. It covers everything from engaging online learners to finding the right tools for the task so you can successfully deliver virtual training in a tight timeframe.

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Trainer Guide: Finding Success in Virtual Training

Find success in your virtual training program.

This is how you find success in virtual training and quickly adapt to changes

While the pandemic may have been a catalyst for change, organizations should be ready to adapt to less extreme challenges. A virtual training program can, for example, help you to simplify the application in practice in order to avoid mistakes in the workplace. In short, companies need to create flexible training programs that can be easily updated and / or expanded based on their goals and desired outcomes. Change is a normal part of the corporate world, and success relies heavily on your ability to quickly transform your L&D initiatives.

About this eBook

Where do you even start? What tools do you need to shorten the learning curve for your remote teams? This guide will walk you through the entire process so that you can start your virtual training plan in record time. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find in it:

  • What you need to start virtual training
  • Best Practices for Converting Your Training
  • Optimize the experience and empathize with the learners
  • Tools and templates will help you with this

This is a must have for trainers who need to bring their strategies into the digital age and provide easily accessible learning opportunities for everyone.


It’s not just the pandemic that has made organizations rethink their training programs. Even change management, new compliance regulations, and other urgent business matters require new L&D perspectives. Download the eBook Trainer Guide: Finding Success in Virtual Training to explore the guidelines, solutions, and technology you need to convert your content and transform your people development strategy.

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