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Blended Studying – The Speedy eLearning Means

Start a successful blended learning strategy – the quick route to eLearning

What are the pros and cons of blended learning that every company should consider? Do you fit VILT into your strategy? How do you find the right outsourcing partner? This eBook shows you how to implement blended learning on a tight timeframe. You will discover the many reasons the Rapid eLearning methodology can help you increase employee engagement, stretch resources and improve immersion in L&D.

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Blended learning – the quick way to eLearning

Is fast blended learning the best solution? Discover how blended learning can be used to meet corporate training needs and accommodate modern learning preferences.

Hybrid versus blended learning

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, there are differences between hybrid and blended learning. Hybrid learning is primarily about flexibility on an individual level. Employees can choose whether they want to take part in virtual training courses or L&D on site. It usually boils down to personal preferences, schedules, and organizational needs. For example, your company may choose to host certain events online while others are better suited for classroom training or workshops.

On the other hand, blended learning focuses on a combination of VILT or ILT and online training methods. For example, an employee attends a virtual training course where they can ask questions in real time and learn from an industry expert. They then take part in simulations of tasks and scenarios in order to expand their knowledge and consolidate what they have learned. The face-to-face component is sometimes discussed. Some L&D experts believe that pure blended learning experiences include on-site teaching, while others feel that VILT is an ideal addition to their blended learning plan.

Is Fast Blended Learning Best?

Now the question arises: should you employ a fast blended learning strategy for your employees? Let’s look at some of the most notable benefits of blended learning – the fast eLearning method.

Reduce L&D costs

There is an opportunity to reduce your L&D costs even if you only move part of your training online. As an example, you are now offering JIT support and online certifications. This eliminates the need to host ILT meetings that require site rentals, printed materials, travel expenses, etc. Employees continue to expand their knowledge and skills, minus the high cost of face-to-face training. Another benefit is to mitigate security risks created by the COVID crisis.

Improve personalization

One of the most amazing things about blended learning is that everyone gets something from the experience. Employees can choose resources that suit them, their roles, and their training preferences. With the JIT support library, for example, a customer service representative on site can close gaps and refresh his compliance know-how. Another might opt ​​for peer coaching and live events to get the information they need. In short, every member of your team has the ability to create a training plan that suits them best, even if they have a busy schedule.

Improve employee retention

Employees are more likely to stay with your company if they are given new and exciting training opportunities. Blended learning can therefore help you retain top talent and attract new employees who have what it takes. For example, a new sales rep needs to brush up on their interpersonal skills and product knowledge. So they attend ILT / VILT events to get a foundation and then access the online training library to add to their experiences. Applicants also look for hiring packages that include ongoing training that is adaptable and easily accessible.

About this eBook

Whether you are new to the world of fast eLearning or just need to refine your existing strategy, this eBook is a must-read. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find inside:

  • Fast friends: why are blended learning strategies the real companion of a training manager?
  • Hot blended learning trends – from a bird’s eye view
  • Dynamic duo: 3 reasons why virtual, teacher-led training is an indispensable part of blended learning today
  • Micro-learning in blended learning – a trail mix of possibilities in L&D
  • Words of Wisdom: Expert Advice on Designing a Blended Learning Program
  • Time for a knowledge check: How to use your LMS for blended learning assessments
  • Vendor Review Tips: What to Look For When Outsourcing Blended Learning


Download the eBook Blended Learning – The Rapid eLearning Way for insights on how to start a successful rapid blended learning program. Also take part in the webinar to learn how to develop holistic blended learning solutions for your team.

eBook publication: VIVAHR


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