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Australia’s Picture as a Nation of Legislation, Equality, and Human Rights is gone

“India is literally gasping for oxygen,” the Australian health minister is sending donations from ventilators, masks, goggles and gloves to the country. At the same time, Australia is sentencing its own citizen imprisoned in India to death.

  1. For the first time in our history, it will be a criminal offense for some Australians to come home from overseas. The word Nazi government is used by some.
  2. Legal or not, there is a real risk that Australian Health Secretary Greg Hund’s action will result in Australians dying India.
  3. With AustraliaIn the quarantine and health systems, lives would be saved if these Australian citizens were flown home from India. A serious mistake by Greg Hunt.

Australia tells its citizens in need that they are alone. Australians attempting to return home from India face a prison sentence of up to 5 years and / or a fine of A $ 66,600. The temporary ban is the first in Australian history to make it illegal for its citizens to return home. The law comes into effect on Monday and will be reviewed on May 15th.

9,000 Australian citizens wanted to return home from India and now face criminal penalties and prison terms if they attempt to do so.

According to Human Rights Watch, Australians have the right to return to their country under international law. Human Rights Watch added that Australia should focus on safe quarantine regulations for returning residents, rather than putting energy into criminalization so that its own citizens seek safety at home.

Australia will suspend direct passenger flights from India until May 15 to avoid the spread of more virulent variants of Covid-19. Prime Minister Scott Morrison also says Australia will send medical supplies to India, which is struggling with a lack of beds and oxygen supplies.

The Australian government has a duty to bring citizens home without locking them out. This must be the Nazi government this country has ever seen, says Frank Bird, an angry Australian.

Returning citizens are threatened with five years in prison within the next 48 hours if they were there India in the past two weeks.

In all honesty, I am not shocked at the reaction to criminalize the return of citizens India to AustraliaSome of us always knew we were “conditional” citizens, tweeted Nyadol Nyuon, an Australian stranded in India.

Alan Sunderland said, “Australia should charter dozens of planes as we speak to bring as many Australian citizens home from India as possible. The return flights of these flights should be filled with oxygen tanks and other urgent medical supplies. To do less is incomprehensible. “

Neha Mdouk said: It is absolutely racist for people to fly Australia of India could face up to five years in prison. When the US, Italy, UK and Spain saw terrible numbers, no punitive reaction was considered at any point. One rule for colored people, another for white people.

A science-based decision? Quarantine for everyone who comes from this part of Asia and more, including the many who come afterwards India go to Thailand, Malesia and then return to Australiaadded Nicola.

Australian cricket stars Kane Richardson and Adam Zampa have returned India despite a travel ban by the federal government from the country devastated by the corona virus.

Peter Cronou added: AustraliaTo his shame, he did not support the waiver of intellectual property rights on COVID-19 vaccines – and so condemned thousands to death.

An Australian expat in India says: The Australian government basically says the few citizens in India is worth less than the millions in Australia.

“The situation has now stabilized and we remain confident that we can get to the other side.”

India’s Acting High Commissioner PS Karthigeyan speaks to @kochie_online about the catastrophic second wave of the coronavirus-ravaged nation of …

– ImAllNews (Australia) (@ImAllNews_AU) May 2, 2021

Amit Kumar in Australia compares India with Australia: Right here in Australia Mate. 3x larger land mass than India and the population is only 2.5 crore, 55x less and 150x less population density with much cleaner air, much higher per capita income etc etc etc. No vaccination here yet. The two cannot be compared!

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