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6 Causes To Use Lifelike Textual content-To-Speech In On-line Coaching

Why you should use realistic text-to-speech software in online training

According to Statista, companies spent more than $ 82 billion on L&D in 2020. Yes, that’s 82 with a B. The top companies know that an effective learning and development structure is worth the investment for both the employer and the employee. Well-planned and implemented training courses help to retain talent and reduce sales. A well-oiled L&D program helps a company stay innovative, grow, and provide superior customer service.

Creating courses in-house may seem intimidating to many companies, but with today’s technology, it is possible. Companies – regardless of their size or industry – need to recognize that the key to being competitive is investing in the learning and development of their people.

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Main benefits of using text-to-speech in eLearning

By using realistic text-to-speech information in your online training courses, your company can create and manage a large curriculum library that adds value to employees and increases engagement. Here are six reasons why you should use realistic text-to-speech features in your online training courses.

Advantage # 1: cost efficiency

Gone are the days when a simple brochure did the job. Today’s most interesting and easily digestible training courses are based on the power of video. And video is based on the power of voice over. Companies that use text-to-speech services for these voice-over services have found an optimization of 20% from a budget perspective compared to companies that use a professional voice agency. By using text-to-speech for your training videos, you get higher throughput at lower costs for your business. Text-to-Speech allows you to be in complete control and avoid back and forth communication with a professional language agency, which is time consuming and often very costly. And the more you ingest, the more you save.

Benefit # 2: Easily update evergreen content

Creating training videos is not a one-time project. Rather, they need to be updated consistently.
For example, if you have a training video on how to submit a refund through your website and the term “click start” was used in the original recording, your recording needs to reflect that if the button ever changes to “Go.” Good.

Finding the same voice actor for a one-word change is extremely time-consuming and costly. With text-to-speech technology, you can make simple changes to your voiceovers at any time and download them again immediately. Regardless of the size of your company, Text-to-Speech helps you keep track of these changes (in the truest sense of the word) at the touch of a button.

Advantage # 3: Increase in productivity

In typical voice production companies, only one person can use a studio at a time. And that person can only do one voiceover at a time. However, using a text-to-speech avatar, your company can create multiple voiceovers with the same voice at the same time. If you’ve ever dreamed of making a fleet of robots work for you, this is pretty close. Text-to-Speech saves time, creates consistency and saves companies money.

Benefit # 4: Increased Engagement

Unrealistic voices are difficult for people to tolerate, detract from the quality of the content and lead to disengagement. With human-sounding text-to-speech, you can easily create and manage your company’s training materials.

Text-to-speech avatars come in a variety of tones and genders to help you break down longer modules into easily digestible training courses. You can customize your material by assigning a different avatar to a particular topic and creating interactive learning experiences that generate interest and drive employee engagement.

Benefit # 5: Company specific content

Most organizations that work with voice production companies get new voice actors for each project, or they face the challenge of tracking down the exact same voice actor as they did years ago.

That alone is a big challenge, but it is especially troublesome if you’ve already trained an actor how your company pronounces certain terms or acronyms and need to repeat it again. For every shot. For eternity.

Through the power of AI, text-to-speech avatars learn the correct pronunciation of your products and acronyms, making it easier to create company-specific content in the future.
In addition, a wide variety of products and acronyms can create audio dictionaries for large companies to get new employees on board faster than ever before.

Benefit # 6: data protection

Many companies have proprietary content, algorithms, and processes that set them apart from the competition. So of course they are the best at what they do. For privacy reasons, companies can understandably hesitate to partner with voice production companies to avoid disclosing proprietary information.

Don’t worry – business text-to-speech platforms have security regulations and protocols in place to keep this type of content safe. The use of an avatar reduces the disclosure of important information about your company and creates security for the management of the company.

In addition, text-to-speech allows you to securely store your scripts in the cloud instead of sending them to recording studios as email attachments. The text-to-speech ecosystem was developed for companies that value security, innovation and prioritization of L&D.


These are just a few of the benefits of using realistic text-to-speech in your training materials. Text-to-Speech technology not only saves your company time, money and resources (the trifecta for high-performing brands), it also allows you to create a virtual library of voices, pronunciations and study materials that you can work on at any time Click a button.

With text-to-speech, you can protect your most valuable resource – your content – more easily and effectively, and delight your most valuable asset – your employees.

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