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5 Worthwhile Causes To Launch

Is it the right time to introduce sales and partner training for your teams?

Sales training builds confidence in employees so they can close the deal rather than let small customer fears get in their way. This guide explores the “who” and “why” of sales and partner training to help you determine if your business is a worthwhile investment.

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Ensure business growth with effective sales and partner training

Boost sales stats and employee confidence with a solid sales and partner training strategy.

Who are sales and partner training courses for?

Sales and partner training is ideal for sales reps and external sales channels to help them navigate a rapidly changing market. However, it’s also a must have for back office salespeople who need to showcase their products or any employee who interacts with customers. For example, customer service reps need to know the ins and outs of your latest line of products so they can make recommendations and share care tips.

5 Profitable Benefits of Sales and Partner Training Programs

Some organizations are on the fence when it comes to launching sales and partner training initiatives because of tight budgets or schedules. Maybe a product launch is imminent or they just don’t have enough resources to move around. The reality is that sales training programs can be customized to suit your needs. For example, you can start with a JIT library to get the L&D ball rolling and provide bite-sized support, and then move on to comprehensive certifications as you move on. Step-by-step implementation can help you achieve the following benefits:

Improve customer relationships

Businesses are realizing the connection between sales training and a healthier bottom line. Employees have the essential skills and product knowledge to select the right products and present the benefits. But sales and partner training also build healthier relationships with your target customers. Customers can rely on your team for inside information such as maintenance instructions to increase value for money and add-ons to increase functionality. In addition, your employees and outside partners are tactful with consumers as they have honed their interpersonal skills. For example, they use active listening and persuasiveness to get customers to buy instead of resorting to coercive tactics like exaggerated product benefits.

Mitigation of compliance risks

Sales and partner training is not just about perfecting the pitch. The trainees master the essential company guidelines and compliance regulations in order to reduce risks. For example, they know what information to collect during customer checkouts to avoid data breaches. Or maybe they need to clarify the return policy with customers to ensure full company transparency and to comply with consumer rights.

Reduce churn rates

Customers are more likely to bring in repeat business and refer friends if your sales team treats them with respect and is familiar with your offerings. In other words, they are not trying to promote products that do not meet their needs or weaknesses. Educated consumers, supported by your sales reps and outside partners, tend to become loyal brand representatives because they are confident in their purchases. More importantly, they know that they can trust that your company is behind its products and services. An effective sales and partner training program also reduces employee turnover, so you don’t have to pay the cost of recruiting and training new employees. Professionals who receive ongoing support are more likely to stay with your company.

Strengthen employees

You don’t want employees to walk into the sales floor or arrange a meeting with a customer if they’re not prepared for the task at hand. Sales and partner training courses give them all the building blocks they need to build their self-confidence and reliability. They are empowered in the workplace because they know what to expect and how to deal with the more problematic aspects of the job. After all, it can’t just be about commissions and satisfied customers around the clock. Your employees and outside partners often grapple with complaints, reluctant buyers, and other obstacles that have the potential to hurt your profit margin. The training provides them with the skills and performance management tools they need to confidently tackle any task.

Approach new challenges quickly

New industry regulations, product characteristics, and company protocols can pose a challenge for your sales reps and partners. For example, team members need to adapt their sales techniques based on new guidelines to avoid compliance violations and build buyer trust. However, these are not the only obstacles your employees must overcome. They may have to deal with conflicts between employees, market slumps, or changing industry trends. For example, your best-selling product suddenly goes out of style and your employees / partners need to quickly adjust their strategies to meet the monthly goals. The training teaches them to always expect the unexpected and prepares them for any challenge that comes their way.

Sales and partner training case studies

Are you looking for real-world success stories that show the power of Adobe Captivate Prime in action? Here are some sales and partner training case studies that demonstrate the transformative power the right LMS can have on your L&D initiatives:

  • Learn how GE Healthcare is future-proofing its learning and development programs with Adobe Captivate Prime.
  • Discover how this robust LMS helped Destination Imagination foster a shared understanding of their branding guidelines to provide attendees with equal opportunities.
  • Learn how Adobe Captivate Prime is breaking the IES Communications accessibility barriers to grow its business by leaps and bounds.

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