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12 Story Surfside Apartment Constructing on Collins Ave in Florida collapsed | eTurboNews | Developments

After midnight, a twelve-story building in the Florida resort town of Surfside collapsed. The reason is unknown. How many injuries can be expected.

  1. A building on 8777 Collins Ave in Surfside, Miami, Florida collapsed early Thursday morning
  2. More than 80 emergency vehicles are in use
  3. Eyewitnesses say the building is the Solara Surfside Resort, but police confirmed the address of the Champlain Tower South, a residential building.

An eyewitness at the scene of a multi-story collapsed building in Surfside said the collapsed building on 88th Street and Collins in Miami was the location of the Solara Surfside Resort, a bluegreen vacancy. T

This information appears to be incorrect. According to the Miami Police Department’s scanner, the location at 8777 Collins Ave on Surfside is what is the location for Champlain Towers South, a 12 story condominium.

Champlain Towers South, Surfside, Florida

Locals say the building is on Millionaire’s Row – also right on the beach.

This is an emerging story. It is not clear how many people were injured or died in this ongoing incident. Since this happened in the middle of the night, it can take some time to get a clear assessment of this situation.

A woman on Facebook says she is in the building next door. She has been evacuated and is now in a nearby recreation center in Surfing site, FL


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