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10 Important eLearning Advertising Abilities For Success

Critical eLearning Marketing Skills

What eLearning marketing skills do you need to develop to maximize your reach and generate more leads? Becoming an industry thought leader is no small feat. It takes patience, perseverance, and lots of targeted content. However, creating the perfect content is about more than just promoting yourself. They also need to address the reader’s weaknesses and provide valuable insights.

Here are some key skills every eLearning marketer should have in order to start a successful content marketing campaign.

10 Skills Every eLearning Content Marketer Should Develop

1. Creativity

It takes a good dose of creativity to tell stories and connect emotionally with your leads. You also need to know how to get their attention and promote your product in the context of a story. Hence, marketers need to be strong, out-of-the-box thinkers who can find the best conversion approach. For example, create a leaflet to help prospects improve their compliance training course. This is seen as a value added that is more responsive to their needs than your own.

2. Organization

Organization is a broad umbrella that covers everything from planning to time management. Planning skills are tested when it is time to create your marketing calendar and can be improved by analyzing past results in relation to previous plans. This allows you to plan for optimal performance in advance as your marketing campaigns need to be started at the right time for the best results. For example, you can improve attendance at a webinar by posting an article the day before your online marketing event to fill the virtual seats.

3. Customer empathy

Can you follow in the footsteps of your potential customers and get into their headspace? Successful content marketing is about building a relationship with your audience. You need to understand their buying needs and fears in order to touch all of the key points. For example, what information are they looking for? How can you build trust and authority? Are there any specific concerns or challenges that you should include in your guest post or article?

4. Self-processing

Editing your own work can be a somewhat cathartic process. You improve the quality of your content, but identify personal areas for improvement in the process, namely common mistakes in writing texts and grammatical errors. Additionally, by editing yourself, you can develop clear and concise marketing articles that will help you become an industry thought leader. That said, you should still have a second pair of eyes to review and edit your content to fill in any overlooked gaps.

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5. Data analysis

eLearning marketers need to understand the metrics and then use the numbers to their advantage. Hence, data analysis is another top marketing skill to cultivate. For example, you may need to evaluate traffic statistics, conversion rates, and social media metrics to choose the best topic or identify your target audience in order to create meaningful content and improve click-through rates. An important skill is knowing where to mine and manage big data for your eLearning content marketing strategy.

6. Flexibility

Even if you are promoting a specific product or service, you still have to adapt to individual buying needs and weaknesses. Different demographics have different buying needs and expectations. For example, you may need to create an item for each customer group that touches on specific features or specifications. This is another reason empathy is so important so that you can see things from the customer’s point of view and then develop content that is personalized and results-oriented.

7. Problem solving

Ultimately, every guest post you post should help readers (AKA leads) resolve an issue, whether they’re cutting their L&D costs or closing performance gaps for their geographically dispersed employees. One of the rules of being a good marketer is to overcome your challenges, or at least give them valuable insights and tips so that they can use your product or service to do so. For example, give them 7 inexpensive ways to bring their team together during the COVID crisis using your video conferencing platform.

8. SEO expertise

One of the most important skills in marketing is understanding the pros and cons of optimization. More importantly, know how to balance value-added content and subtle sales pitches. Website visitors are unlikely to stick around if they feel compelled or if your content is focused more on advertisements than references. For example, you need to know what keywords to include and how to avoid oversaturation. Likewise, you need to be able to produce organic and readable content.

9. Copywriting

Of course, eLearning marketers need copywriting skills to develop engaging articles and guest blogs. What is the ideal sentence length? How should you format content? What major takeaways should you include? What’s the best tone for your target audience? These are all things to consider when writing marketing articles for your corporate training business.

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10. Research

eLearning marketers are accomplished researchers. In fact, there are two key areas where they need to excel. The first is to know the audience and use analytics to create marketing profiles. For example, understanding where certain groups sit in the marketing funnel. The second is researching niche topics of interest that are outside the purview of your product or service. Are there certain trends or technologies that you should be aware of before creating your article? Which references are reliable and accurate? The last thing you want to do is compromise the trust you have built. How do you summarize the information in your own words?


With all of these things in mind, there is still one important ingredient to add to the value of your content. Even the best content marketing specialist in the world would not be successful without the right advertising measures! Another secondary skill that needs to be developed is social media awareness. You need to be able to promote your content through popular channels to reach your niche audience.

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