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Wonderful Madagascar – An Island From One other Planet

Sometimes there can be confusion and some people think Madagascar is an African country. Perhaps because of the charm of the people, their lace clothes, their simple houses, which are colored in bright colors “Zebu” Carts pulled by cattle and the loud language they use to communicate … But geography confirms otherwise because Madagascar is in the Indian Ocean.

A large island nestles quietly between the leaves of the emerald green rainforests, extensive rice fields, sparkling lakes, majestic baobabs, golden beaches framed by rocky stones, palm trees, amazing orchards, Gothic architecture that can be seen in old buildings … and around As they move around gigantic chameleons from branch to branch, frogs with strange shapes echoed as lemurs jumped. Which are found in more than a hundred species … this is their original habitat a long time ago.

Madagascar beach

It is noteworthy that Madagascar is an island that remained impregnable to humans and only stepped on human foot about two thousand years ago, having separated geographically from Asia and Africa in deep epochs of history and turning into a primitive region, that did not exist, one colonized, and this is what put it in natural isolation and gradually turned it into a warehouse for natural organisms, can be considered the largest in the world.

This is exactly what attracts tourists looking for the splendor and magic of unspoiled nature and this has also led some to name the eighth continent on this island. Though some think the term “the other planet” is more appropriate.

This is how people came to Madagascar

Located off the coast of East Africa, the Republic of Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and is inhabited by around 26 million people. The capital is Antananarivo or “Tana”, as the French colonialists called it, Madagascar has two official languages: Malagasy and French. Madagascar is a Francophone republic and the educated population of this former French colony speaks French.

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The island is a biodiversity hotspot with more than 90 percent of wildlife nowhere else on earth. Human settlement took place about two thousand years ago. When the influx of people began with the first migration of the Australian peoples who came to them by boat, followed by other immigrants who crossed the Mozambique Channel from East Africa.

Madagascar shopping bazaar

Thus, the migration of various tribes continued over time, which contributed to their great cultural diversity, which is distributed among about 18 tribes. Proud is the “MirenaThe tribe, found in the central highlands, carried out presidents and kings.

The island is also famous for pepper, vanilla, lemur and colorful chameleon. What is striking about this is the similarity in fashion between men and women alike. Where the dresses are made of a rectangular piece of fabric wrapped around the body with special costumes for different occasions.

Madagascar Tourism – Sightseeing in Madagascar

Visiting Madagascar takes some time as it is a huge island and the roads are not always easy due to its pristine, rugged nature. For this reason, it is necessary to develop an integrated itinerary and map that meets all the needs of the trip, especially for those who want to discover nature away from the capital and the big cities. A total of; Hotel and restaurant prices, ground transportation, park entry fees, and the use of runways on remote islands and in the jungle are all economical and residents are friendly and peaceful.

National parks

National parks

Some of these parks look like paintings that are full of life and are particularly noticeable in the heights, green trees, rice fields paved on terraces and framed by dams. There is also a chance to climb the dramatic granite mountains and see the red earth, lava hills, limestone cliffs and deep valleys that go back centuries without forgetting the rainforests and the reserves of lemurs and colorful chameleons.All these parks are easy accessible. With popular taxis or with tourist excursions organized by the responsible authorities.

Rova Antananarivo Palace

It’s an opportunity for fans of the series of “Flash Man” Novels written by George MacDonald Fraser and published in 1969 to learn about the remains of the royal palace complex in which Queen Ranavalona lived what the author described as “crazy” because of her strength. It was the one that foiled all European efforts to control Madagascar during her reign, which lasted 33 years. During this time she put all her energies into eliminating neighboring kingdoms, drawing on the system of slavery and forced labor that prevailed during her reign.

Rova Antananarivo PalaceRova Antananarivo Palace

The result was the construction of this palace, which is located in the capital and later became the seat of the rulers of the kingdom “Mirena” in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and the rulers of the Kingdom of Madagascar in the nineteenth century.

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The palace is located in the capital, Antananarivo, in the center of the central highlands and at its highest point. It is a fortified building that has undergone many changes over the years to meet the needs of its residents.

Wildlife in Toliara

Wildlife in Toliara

According to Conservation International, 17 countries in the world are the only ones home to wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else. Madagascar is high on this list and maybe worth a visit to Toliara is the perfect opportunity to learn about these natural traits. Toliara is a coastal city in southwest Madagascar, surrounded by lakes, swamps and strange forests spread out by giant squid trees “Giraffe neck beetle” which wraps its eggs in tree leaves in an amazing tubular fashion.

Giraffe neck beetle 1Giraffe Neck Weevil

There is also an animal «the aye lemon“That looks with its very long middle finger for the larvae hiding in the trees, while the giant Malagasy rat (Hypogeomys antimena) leaping into the air can be seen 3 feet away. Gerald Dorrell mentioned this trip in his book The Aye-Aye.


The magic of nature can be followed through the tours organized by the offices, which last about 13 nights and include a varied and interesting program that is not without a spirit of adventure.

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site

There are 3 sites in Madagascar of cultural and natural importance that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

1: Tsingy de Bemaraha

The first is the nature reserve in “Tsingy de Bemaraha”, This is a limestone maze in the form of winding canyons with unique geological features including caves, tunnels and towers. It remains completely unexplored and is located in the western half of the island.

Tsingy de Bemaraha

2: East

The rainforests in “East”which include 6 national parks that are distinguished by their biodiversity and include rare species of lemur monkeys.

3: The Royal Ambohimanga Hill

The Royal Ambohimanga Hill, a historic village and a complex of palaces from the nineteenth century. It contains some natural and architectural attractions of historical, political and spiritual importance to the people of Madagascar.

Enjoy luxury resorts

Although Madagascar is a poor country ranked 179th among the world’s poorest 187 countries, that doesn’t prevent it from having luxurious and luxurious resorts, including the Nozi Ancao resort off the northeast coast, which can be reached by private helicopter can be. and wander around and on the island. Altogether with bicycles and buggies. Here you can also see turtles lying on their eggs, fish or dive, dolphin and whale watching … and other water sports. Some of these resorts cost more than £ 3,000 a night and are particularly attractive to couples looking for a distinctive honeymoon destination.

Best hotels in Madagascar

Dishes with special flavors

The food in this country, along with the influence of French colonialism, is the epitome of the meeting of cultures and the trade movement. And every dish can be seasoned with French, Indonesian, Indian, African or Middle Eastern flavors, regardless of whether the tourist visits a small street stall, a hotel or a luxury restaurant.

Taste of Madagascar

The day usually starts with a traditional breakfast of French coffee and pastries, followed by a snack made from “koba,” a popular food made from bananas, peanuts, and rice dough, wrapped in banana leaves. Also try the light and delicious capro dish made from dried lima beans and coconut. It is not possible to leave Madagascar without trying a rumazava dish. It’s the national dish and consists of a traditional beef broth with vegetables, onions, and a variety of spices. It is served with rice.

On the coast and near the beaches, fresh seafood predominates, usually cooked in a traditional style that cannot do without French influences. You can cook grilled dishes with hot spices and a few cups of juice with mint, cinnamon, coconut and coconut sweetened with natural honey.

Since it is not possible to cover everything in one article, we hope we enjoyed it Madagascar mini-guide? Please like and share with friends and family and share your experience if you have ever visited Madagascar.

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