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Advocate modern learning in your organization

Building a business case for modern learning is a lot harder than it should be. L&D professionals always face a wave of objections. There are always things that require more aggressive funding and the misconception that L&D can be postponed “until the right time”.

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Business learning workbook for modern learning

This workbook contains useful resources that will help you successfully buy-in to invest in a modern learning strategy in your company.

The time is right now, and this guide will help you prove it. The Business Learning Modern Learning Workbook gives you everything you need to get started with modern learning and shows your company how and why they are actually losing money if they don’t invest in learning today.

About the eBook Modern Learning Business Case Workbook

The most important thing to keep in mind about this eBook is that it is actually a workbook. This means that you have to work independently in this manual in order to present your own business case for modern learning.


The first chapter of the eBook is an introduction to the concept of creating a business case for modern learning. It highlights the importance of learning and presents data that shows how important it is.

The challenge

The following chapter provides an overview of the challenges that modern learning is currently facing. The main problem that all L&D professionals face is how to convince the executives in their organizations to properly accept the need for training.

Define Modern Learning

The next chapter attempts to define modern learning and break it down into its core components.

Understand your stakeholders

The next chapter of the eBook looks at the stakeholders and their way of thinking. In this chapter you can categorize them in a meaningful way. It will also help you identify key stakeholders and create a plan to gain their support. This is one of the most important steps in the success of your L&D program.

Build your case

Creating a business case for your L&D program is the essence of this guide. This chapter focuses on how you can create a case that is easy for everyone to understand.

Make your case

Making your case is a little different than building it. This chapter guides you through the final planning steps and the first steps of your presentation. This is the seed for creating a modern learning business model in your company.

Doing nothing costs

The only alternative to training is not to do any training. Some budget conscious voices might argue that this is cheaper, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. This chapter shows that not delivering corporate training is, in fact, much more expensive than actually delivering it.

Corporate learning example

A complete example of corporate learning works next. This is especially useful if your organization has never learned in business before and you need a solid example to impress your audience.

Dealing with objections

This chapter introduces six techniques that are useful for dealing with objections. These techniques are powerful tools and, with a little tweaking, can be used to defend whatever position your department takes on L&D matters.

Additional resources

This chapter contains valuable resources. These resources are aimed at those who want to expand their knowledge and look for new ways to enrich their business case.


The eBook Modern Learning Business Case Workbook is a must have for all learning and development professionals who may need to defend their budget and department. It will help you raise awareness of the importance of L&D and ensure the support of your company’s executives.

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