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three Superior Gamification Methods To Use In 2021

Discover the best advanced gamification strategies

The pandemic has forced organizations to digitally design their training implementations. This has opened up a multitude of options for creating a good learning experience. Many are turning to virtual training instead of classroom training. However, many use this time as an opportunity to go fully digital and reduce reliance on coaches, at least for those who are on the first three levels of Bloom’s learning paradigm, namely remembering (awareness), understanding, and applying concepts .

Gamification has already established itself as a practicable form of digital learning method and is now gaining in importance. Companies are ready to go the extra mile to make learning a memorable, fun and engaging experience. The question is, if you are going for bespoke or individual learning, why not gamification instead of standard e-learning? Gamification has only been used in the last decade to make learning a better experience. Now is the time to take full advantage of it to take the learning experience to the next level. This can be achieved by using some interesting gamification strategies that can enhance the learning experience.

What advanced gamification strategies can L&D look forward to in 2021?

Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Missions and Avatars

The use of avatars isn’t new. Most gamification-based courses have avatars. I suggest using avatars in the context of the subject being taught, along with a mission that engages learners. For example, if it is a finance-related course, the mission could be to protect the organization from financial fraud and use an avatar like a detective who can identify potential risks in the organization. This type of approach can also be used when teaching information security-type subjects. The avatar can get help from a guide who can be part of the course in the user interface. This is one of several ideas that could be an advanced gamification strategy for 2021.

2. Storytelling – The Next Level

In real games, there are backstories and cut scenes that keep players busy throughout the game. Whether it is about tearing down a fortress, a castle, or rescuing a princess, what players care about is the constant storytelling that happens at regular intervals or on regular levels. Storytelling adds to the intrigue of a game and triggers the neurons and hormones in the player’s brain. While storytelling has been used in games, I suggest using it throughout the game-based course.

This, of course, requires another skill, which is the ability to write and sew good stories. I’ve seen many courses that start with a mission or a backstory. However, at the beginning of the actual course, the storytelling kind of tapers off. Storytelling can be used intelligently to keep learners engaged throughout the course without affecting their interest. In short, storytelling is a great way to enhance the gamification experience in a course.

3. Personalized learning experiences

Personalized learning simply means delivering the learning content and activities based on the learner’s name, preferences, or choices made at the beginning of a course.

Personalized experiences can be created in a game-based course using the name given by the learner at the start of the course. When providing feedback or advice on how to conduct activities, this name can be used to provide a fully personalized experience. I believe this can be an important and interesting element for advanced gamification that can be used in 2021.


In conclusion, by using these advanced gamification strategies intelligently, you can create better and engaging learning experiences in 2021. At Tesseract Learning, our learning and visual architects are constantly refining and reinventing their approaches to designing, developing and delivering better learning experiences. Hope you found this article insightful and help you increase employee engagement and performance. If you have any questions you can contact us or leave a comment below.

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