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The Avenue, A Murwab Lodge wins Qatar’s Finest 5 Star Enterprise Lodge at Worldwide Journey Awards


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The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel leads the way in modern luxury accommodations with a sophisticated blend of life’s greatest comforts.

It is a local chain of the Murwab Hotel Group, the operational arm of Katara Hospitality. A 7 story building with a modern design. It may be the smallest hotel in the Murwab hotel groups with a capacity of 170 rooms, but this hotel is full of surprises. Opened in 2016, the hotel is new to the local hospitality market but is already leading the race. One of its main strengths is its location. The hotel is located in Al Sadd and is accessible to all major highways and top tourist and business centers. It’s also near four 2022 World Cup stadiums.

The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel continues to provide excellent hotel service that is continuously recognized by various travel sites including TripAdvisor, and Agoda. The hotel is also one of the multi-award winning hotels in Qatar with four awards: TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards 2020, Agodas Customer rating awarded 2020, The final award, booking. Com’s Traveler Review Awards 2021 and Most Prestigious Of Them All, The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel, won an award Qatar’s best 5 star business hotel for 2020 from The International Travel Awards. Avenue’s commitment to providing the best in customer service was evident in the reviews of its guests. Proof that its core values ​​of providing world class hospitality service are in their DNA.


With Qatar seeing a historic decline in hotel sales due to the pandemic, The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel always has a trick up its sleeve. With critical contingency plans. The Avenue, Murwab Hotel continues to generate revenue. Thanks to the trust of their customers and regulars, The Avenue, the Murwab Hotel is surviving the pandemic season without closing its doors. Open to everyone in order to offer its guests comfort and security. As quoted by one of her guests, “Avenue is my home away from home.” Additionally, the hotel’s amazing amenities draw families to stay, generating continuous revenue and good reviews. During the period of the pandemic, word of mouth was the hotel’s strongest marketing tool. The positive reviews and recommendations from previous guests attract more visitors.

The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel was one of the first hotels to receive certification Qatar Clean Program. From the quality of the toiletries used to the health and safety checks from the moment the guest enters the hotel. All actions taken by the Avenue Hotel have been approved by the government. Avenue takes everyone’s health and safety seriously. Make sure everyone who enters is comfortable without compromising their safety and health.

The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel surprisingly offers a variety of amenities all on one roof for guests to enjoy indoors. Complete with pool, gym, spa, 5 dining options, retail store, 24-hour convenience store, business center, even salon for men and women. To make the hotel popular not only for itself, but also with the customers of the various sales outlets in the hotel. The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel, while small, caters to all of guests’ needs.

As Qatar prepares for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Avenue Hotel works hand in hand with the government of Qatar in adhering to stringent requirements. The entire hotel is also preparing in all aspects by practicing the highest level of service to show the world that Qatar is one of the leading countries when it comes to service in the hospitality industry. The Avenue, the general manager of a Murwab hotel, Shadi Kassem, is handy to make sure everything is in place to prepare for the highly anticipated event.

Once everything has normalized, the Avenue Hotel expects more corporate clients in the international and local market as the hotel’s popularity continues to grow.

This local hotel is now competing with giant global hotel chains and surprisingly wins the race in the local market. This local brand is expected to one day become an international chain thanks to their practices and determination to excel.

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