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SUNx Malta launches Local weather Pleasant Journey to Zero initiative

On World Environment Day, SUNx Malta announced its flagship initiative “Climate-friendly Travel to Zero”, which is aligned with the United Nations’ Race to Zero.

  1. In order to overcome the climate crisis, at least the goal of Zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) for 2050 must be achieved.
  2. The advocacy of a zero greenhouse gas target by 2050 is directly in line with the UN Paris 1.5 target.
  3. SUNx Malta will work with businesses and communities to help them develop sustainability and climate plans to achieve Absolute Zero GHG.

Based on the cutting edge of science, a Zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) 2050 target is the minimum finally needed to defeat the existential climate crisis. By advocating a Zero GHG 2050 Goal it takes the direct line to the UN goal of Paris 1.5. Starting now.

However, the recognition of net CO2 neutrality is now the norm within SUNx Malta Climate-friendly travel to Zero Framework, it will work with businesses and communities through its CFT registry and through Strong Climate Champions to help them develop sustainability and climate plans that will transform from Net Zero Carbon to Absolute Zero GHG over time.

Professor Geoffrey Lipman said, “Science tells us that today we are close to 1.20 towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and that we are heading for a 3-5o increase by 2050 and climate refugees.

“At SUNx Malta we are committed to science. We firmly believe that Climate Friendly Travel (CFT) – Low Carbon: SDG linked: Paris 1.5o is the best way for travel and tourism to join the UN Roadmap 2030/2050 for a green and clean future for our children. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called for tourism to be sustainable and climate-friendly after the pandemic. CFT will help achieve this.

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