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Studying Pool LMS Rolls Out New Options

2021 brings new functions and investments to improve accessibility from the LMS learning pool

Our development focus was on feature requests, reporting and multi-tenancy. We have delivered over 25 new developments specifically requested by customers as part of the roughly 50 articles published during the year. We also completely updated our customer academy in 2020, adding new content, new features and a more social learning experience.

In 2021 we’re adding a brand new built-in tool for fast content creation and publishing – Rapids. With the help of a drag-and-drop interface from WYSIWYG, our customers can create media-rich articles and content with videos, images, quizzes, checklists and more and publish them according to professional standards.

In addition, we have a number of new functions in development – including MS Teams integration, a social wall format, further report dashlets and the option to have comprehensive BI tool reporting functions in the LMS.

Here you will find further information on all information we have provided as well as all further information that should be provided as part of our software-as-a-service approach for the open source LMS.

Now available in the LMS Learning Pool:


We are committed to enabling several different target groups to use a single instance of our LMS for some time.

  • Block User – This is added to the course pages and allows administrators with appropriate permissions to upload users from their organization to courses only.
  • Welcome text block – The welcome text block enables a unique welcome message to be sent to users of an LMS, depending on the organization assigned to them.
  • Contact Block – The Contact Block can be added to a dashboard or course page and provides the learner with contact information for the last organization to which it was assigned.
  • Resource Block – The Resource Block can be added to a course page and allows text, links or files to be added etc. and is only visible to the selected organization.
  • Organization Details block – allows you to add the organization logo and contact details that will appear on each course page, as well as changes based on the learner’s organization.
  • Our theme skins allow you to create multiple themes on the same website. We are now offering multilingual support for dashlets so that this topic can be extended to your global audience.


  • New CPD report
  • New program and certification report
  • CPD import function
  • More flexible CPD reporting
  • xAPI startup activity
  • xAPI logstore

What comes next?

We continuously invest in the open source core elements of the LMS. We continue to prioritize the improvements our customers tell us they need to deliver more effective, engaging, and efficient learning experiences.

In the immediate time between now and summer, you can expect to see:

  • Integration of MS teams
  • Improved reporting with improved graphical reporting and additional KPI dashlets
  • New seminar functionality (including seminar notes and meetings)
  • Advances in the user interface / UX to improve the learning experience
  • New program templates

Additionally, we continue to invest in accessibility improvements in line with our commitment to maintain a WGAC AA level of accessibility.

Open Source and the “Ecosystem”

Our LMS is the workhorse of learning and development for 500+ customers around the world. Building on open source principles, we remain committed to the open source philosophy. Our core LMS is GPL 3 licensed from end to end. We are the only vendor in the market with the full “stack”, from learning to content to data based on open source. Our commitment to customer flexibility goes beyond any other here.

However, when you partner with Learning Pool, you get much more than just an LMS. You get access to our entire ecosystem of software and content. We have worked hard to create seamless integrations with the LMS and our work here is now starting with the rollout. This contains:

LMS pulse. There is no better investment than LMS Pulse to improve management efficiency and learning outcomes when you’ve been asked to do more with less. A combination of our Learning Locker LRS and Waves campaign tool, LMS Pulse can automate learner nudges and reminders, as well as automate more complex workflows that place a heavy burden on other administrators.

Future skills and future of work; New libraries of micro-learning content designed to help employees cope with the pandemic today and prepare them for tomorrow, whatever that may be.

Coming in summer 2021 …

Insights. We’re going to change the way you report from the LMS and guide your organization through the Learning Analytics maturity model with our new Insights product. Built on one of the most powerful BI tools on the market, Insights combines the depth of xAPI and the accuracy of LMS data to set the standard for organizations to report and analyze for learning experiences.

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