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Sinopharm COVID Vaccine? Individuals in Seychelles are frightened, and so is WHO

Seychelles means beautiful beaches and resorts, it means green and not crowded and safe.
Seychelles is the most vaccinated country in the world, but COVID-19 infections have increased. The reason may come from China with the Sinopharm vaccine.

  1. Tourism in the Seychelles remains safe, but the common Seychelles citizen is concerned – and has a good reason.
  2. A month ago, top Chinese officials admitted that Sinopharm had a low effective rate.
  3. Sinopharm is the COVID-19 vaccine developed in the People’s Republic of China and given to the majority of Seychelles. This makes the island nation the most vaccinated country in the world

China exported its Sinopharm vaccine. Sinopharm has had the majority of their populations vaccinated with Sinopharm in two countries that rely on tourism: the Maldives and the Seychelles.

Today the Republic of Seychelles has registered 314 new cases in the country from fewer than 100,000 people. 5,658 of the total of 8,172 coronavirus cases since the outbreak of the pandemic have recovered. 28 people died.

The Seychelles had vaccinated 62.2% of their population, more than any other country in the world. More than 37% received two shots.

Although the cases were mostly mild, a woman died in Seychelles yesterday after receiving two shots of the Chinese vaccine

In addition to the Chinese vaccine, the Indian vaccine was administered in the island country of the Indian Ocean.

It is therefore alarming for many people in the Seychelles that the number of active COVID-19 cases has doubled in the past week.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reacted like a bureaucratic institution, saying the vaccine failure could not be ascertained without a detailed assessment.

WHO is in direct contact with the Seychelles authorities.

Sherin Francis, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, told eTurboNews:

“After months of struggling to restart our tourism industry, the Seychelles are committed to ensuring that all of our guests have an unforgettable time on our islands and that they leave happily at the end of their stay. It would be counterproductive to do anything else, ”she said.

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