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Seychelles Tourism Board reconnects with Italian companions at Journey Open Day truthful

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) kept its visibility in the Italian market and participated in the second edition of the Travel Open Day of the virtual travel fair, where it was represented by its representative office in Italy.

  1. The Seychelles are repositioning themselves on the Italian market.
  2. The Seychelles Tourism Board team was involved in many exclusive video meetings with travel agents across the country.
  3. The platform also offered a special area where visitors could download digital brochures, save contacts or request a meeting.

The online event, dedicated to outbound tourism with an emphasis on luxury and honeymoons, was an ideal opportunity for Seychelles to reposition itself in the Italian market as a premier tourist destination.

During the two-day event, STB representatives virtually reconnected with Italian travel partners to keep them updated on the latest developments in the Seychelles and to explore the wide range of opportunities the islands can offer visitors.

After the event, STB representative for the Italian market, Ms. Danielle Di Gianvito, spoke about her satisfaction with the outcome of the destination’s participation in the open house.

“The team has been quite busy with many exclusive video meetings with travel agents across the country. Our partners are very interested in the latest developments in travel requirements for potential customers. We noticed an increased interest in the destination as new partners also took part in the meetings. This was a great opportunity to expand our reach in the market, ”said Ms. Di Gianvito.

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