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Secret COVID-19 research in Italy?

What can happen between now and July 15 with the first reopening in Italy yesterday was included in a statistical model developed by Stefano Merler, the mathematician-epidemiologist at the Bruno Kessler Foundation who runs the accounts for the Higher Health Institute and the Ministry of Health leads, was developed.

  1. The calculations provided by Merler were: Up to 1,200 victims per day with an Rt of 1.25, which corresponds to up to 1,200 to 1,300 victims per day.
  2. So far, Merler has found the right numbers since February 2020.
  3. A committee of 24 experts advising the Italian government on the pandemic was determined and reported to contain the reopening.

Merler’s calculations were: “Up to 1,200 victims per day with an Rt of 1.25.” RT is a measure of how quickly the virus spreads. Palazzo Chigi, also known as the Chigi Palace, seat of the Council of Ministers and the official residence of the Italian Prime Minister, rejected the idea of ​​”liberating everyone”.

So far, Merler has found the right numbers since February 2020. The study, which was never published by the government, but whose publication Il Corriere on April 16 in the Comitato Tecnico Scientifico (CTS), a committee of 24 experts that the Italian government was able to advise, analyze and make available on the pandemic, was decisive and reported at Palazzo Chigi to contain the reopening, as it was too risky at the request of the chairman of the Lega party, Matteo Salvini.

The last Rt determined in symptomatic cases, based on the period between March 31 and April 13, is 0.81. This is the starting point. In the projections there are only calculations, nothing about what should and shouldn’t be reopened. These are decisions that belong to the government led by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

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