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Russian spies deal with Hawaii from a vessel north of Oahu’s vacationer seashores

Russian visitors are welcome in Hawaii, but not Russian spies. Russians aboard a spy ship operating 200 miles north of Oahu will not receive an aloha reception for visiting Hawaiian waters.

  1. According to USNI News, a Russian Navy surveillance vessel was sighted off the west coast of Hawaii in May
  2. Today a Russian spy ship was spotted floating outside US waters off the north coast of Oahu. operated on
  3. A US missile defense test was postponed late last month due to the presence of a Russian spy ship just off Kauai.

Tourism is booming in the state of Aloha. Nobody worries about the Russian spy ship just 200 miles north of the island of Oahu.

Generally, international waters start about 200 nautical miles from the coast of the country and further out.

A Russian ship is currently operating in these waters. Russian intelligence agents known as spies are on board. Your mission is to gather information about US military facilities on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. This was confirmed to the local media by US Navy officials

The spy ship was discovered north of the island of Oahu.

Last month, a Russian spy ship roamed international waters off Kauai for several days. The presence of this ship had delayed a US missile test.

The US Naval Institute News, which first reported the ship’s presence, said it was the Russian Navy’s Vishnya-class support ship Kareliya (SSV-535).

The Vishnya class (also known as the Meridian class) is a group of intelligence ships built for the Soviet Navy in the 1980s. The ships are still in service with the Russian Navy. The Soviet name is Project 864. The Russian Navy operates seven of these ships.

The ship based in Vladivostok on a Hawaiian mission is one of seven AGIs specializing in signal reconnaissance, USNI News said. It wasn’t clear tonight if the Russian collection ship operating off Oahu is the same as the one at the end of May.

As reported in this release, three fighter jets took off from Hickam Air Force Base on Sunday to control the Russian Navy, which was conducting the largest exercise since the Cold War just 300 miles from the coast of Aloha state.

A US Navy official told a Hawaiian newspaper, “We operate in accordance with international maritime and air law to ensure that all nations can do the same without fear or competition, and to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific. Since Russia is active in the region, it is expected that it will do so in accordance with international law. “

The U.S. Air Force has F-22s, pilots, maintenance personnel and weapons crews on standby in Hickam 24 hours a day to respond to air threats to the Hawaiian Islands as part of an air defense alert mission.

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