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One of the best COVID vaccine on the earth is offered free to US and worldwide vacationers in Hawaii

  • Like many US states, Hawaii cannot convince all residents to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Now they’re silently offering vaccines to visitors, and there’s a darker reason.
  • Hawaiian taxpayers invite wealthy international visitors to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for free.
  • Hawaii Governor Ige has urged visitors to stay home. Why didn’t he mention vaccination tourism visitors?

Just a few months ago, Hawaii was seeing 20-30 new infections a day. Now that tourists are flooding the state, nearly 1,000 new cases of COVID-19 infection and record deaths are making tourism scary.

Shopping malls, hotels and restaurants are overcrowded. Attractions in some cases charge triple entry fees and are full. There is no place to put a towel on Waikiki Beach, but a new lock is becoming more of a reality, but not according to Lt. Gov. Josh Green.

Governor Ige recently urged visitors to reconsider the trip to Aloha state.

At the same time, Hawaii drugstores are posting ads in local media and on websites so people can get vaccinated. Giving away free vaccines is big business for them and drug stores are paid to do it. To encourage people to get free vaccines, many stores are giving away discounted shopping coupons to bring guns into their stores. In Hawaii, these are visitors.

There are many vaccines in the United States. States that rely on the travel and tourism industries, like Hawaii, are getting creative to look better in vaccine statistics. It seems that this could be why the state of Hawaii is giving away shots to tourists.

With numerous international non-stop flights from Asia to Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines, Japan Airlines and ANA bring tourists to the white sandy beaches of the state of Aloha.

Traveling to Hawaii for the Japanese is not without sacrifice. Regardless of their international place of origin, all travelers entering Japan are subject to one 14-day self-quarantine on arrival and is prohibited from using public transportation, including domestic flights, taxis, and trains. Anyone returning home from Hawaii must remain in quarantine in Japan. Why do some Japanese still travel to the beaches of Hawaii?

Vaccination numbers are low in many countries including East Asia. Pfizer and Moderna are the most effective and least in demand COVID-19 vaccines. Both vaccines are not freely available in some countries. Citizens in other countries are often desperate to invest their savings to get the vaccine.

An unsolicited nurse at Longs Drugs Minute Clinic in Waikiki told eTurboNews:

“We get a lot of tourists at Longs Drugs asking us to get vaccinated.”

Where do your vaccination tourists come from?

“Mostly Japanese, but also Korean and even European visitors who want to be vaccinated. We have Japanese speaking staff to help you. Of course, we also get domestic visitors who want to be vaccinated. “

Can you give the vaccine to anyone who asks for it?

“Yes, we don’t discriminate. We only ask for an ethnic background for statistical purposes, but we do not ask for citizenship, residence status, etc. “

How much would Longs Drugs charge for the vaccine given to overseas visitors or tourists outside of the state?

“We don’t charge anything for it. We actually add a discount or incentive to anyone who gets vaccinated. “

Who pays for the vaccine?

“The state of Hawaii is paying us for the vaccine.”

What kind of vaccine do you give visitors?

“We provide the best vaccine in the world: the COVID Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.”

How should the state know how many non-residents are receiving the vaccine?

“The state doesn’t ask where our customers come from. We collect an ID number, like a passport, a driver’s license number. We are thus billing the state. “

Wouldn’t that spoil the vaccination number reports that the State of Hawaii is submitting to the CDC?

“I assume that the state would not know who of the vaccinated residents and who are visitors. We only ask the patient to have a second injection 3-4 weeks later. I think this is good business for hotels and resorts, restaurants and our economy. “

On that basis, a 71% primary vaccination rate in Hawaii and a greater than 51% full vaccination rate in the state is most likely wrong.

Internationally alone, more than 1,000 visitors come to Hawaii on non-stop flights every day. Many more international visitors arrive with connecting flights over the US mainland.

Domestically, Hawaii has had more than 20,000 daily arrivals since the vaccine became freely available without an appointment.

This opens up a lot of questions.

  1. Are people in Hawaii more vulnerable than they should expect by posting incorrect vaccination numbers?
  2. Would this explain why the infection and death rates in Hawaii are setting new records almost every day?
  3. Why should Hawaii taxpayers care for the vaccine? Tourists are neither homeless nor poor. If a resort or airline wants to help pay for it – fine. With a record number of homeless people and so many people living on the fringes of Hawaii, the state needs revenue to deal with such huge social problems.
  4. There are record outbreaks and deaths of COVID in many countries around the world. You urgently need the vaccine. Your citizens cannot afford a Hawaii vacation.
  5. Instead of giving away the vaccine to wealthy tourists, why should Hawaii not get any income from the vaccine and send it to countries in need?
  6. There is nothing wrong with vaccination tourism. San Marino, Israel, and several other countries have booming vaccine tourism industries. The problem is falsifying statistics and putting residents at risk by providing false facts, which is not only wrong, but potentially criminal.

What Hawaii does in large numbers and with a certain degree of secrecy – these activities are officially promoted and published in Guam by the Guam Tourism Board.

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