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Quick trains substitute planes: Lufthansa-DB Bahn settlement

The latest initiative between Lufthansa and DB Bahn confirms the trend in Europe – express trains are replacing domestic flights.

  1. The DB railway lines are being expanded to Hamburg and Munich. The service will also be available in Berlin, Bremen and Münster by the end of 2021.
  2. Fast trains guarantee lower costs, lower CO2 emissions, faster connection times and better flow management.
  3. The intelligent connection of air traffic with rail gives customers a smoother and more economical travel network.

In Germany, Lufthansa has expanded the Lufthansa Express Rail initiative, in which the German railroad DB Bahn reaches 17 German cities with 134 daily frequencies from the Frankfurt airport hub.

From this year, however, the routes to Hamburg and Munich have been added, and by the end of 2021 the service will also be available in Berlin, Bremen and Münster. Lufthansa Express Rail comprises DB trains and fulfills clear operating and logistics decisions that are better served for domestic routes with fast trains and guarantee lower costs, fewer CO2 emissions, faster connection times and better flow management.

In a way, the project traces KLM’s air and rail transport in the Netherlands and is a further development of the single-ticket projects between Emirates and FS in Italy or the intermodal routes in Italy. In fact, the Frecciarossa of Ferrovie dello Stato have long since supplanted some internal air connections along the high-speed ridge in Italy.

In addition, the super-fast Sprinter trains will be put into service from December, making the internal routes even faster. Finally, the axis of the Lufthansa-DB-Bahn will also be improved with regard to baggage and check-ins in on-board traffic and offers a more comfortable and direct experience for priority services, reservations, access to lounges and the accumulation of miles for the Lufthansa-DB loyalty programs Train.

At the presentation of the project, Harry Hohmeister, member of the executive board of Lufthansa AG, emphasized that with this initiative we are “strengthening mobility in Germany and helping the local economy. Thanks to the intelligent connection between air transport and rail, we can offer our customers a smooth and more economical travel network. “

Berthold Huber, board member of DB Bahn, emphasized: “A good cooperation is now turning into a strong partnership between two players like Lufthansa and DB like it has never been seen before. By the end of the year, DB Bahn will expand the connections between the major German hubs and the Sprinter connections on our trains. Traveling with the German railways will be faster and more comfortable. “


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