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Palestine rocket assaults vs Israel phosphorus bombs?

The war between Israel and Palestine is escalating and becoming more dangerous. Reports come in all night. Israel is now bombing Gaza. Several houses and buildings have been targeted as people flee to shelters in Tel Aviv and other cities.

  1. All commercial flights to and from Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport have been canceled.
  2. Hamas has fired dozens of rockets at Israel and hit Tel Aviv and the surrounding areas in retaliation for Israel’s aggression against the Gaza Strip;; Israel shoots back even harder.
  3. The UN Security Council will hold an urgent meeting on Tuesday in its second session in three days, according to diplomatic sources, on Tuesday on the escalation between Israel and the Palestinians.

Airstrike sirens and explosions could be heard in Tel Aviv, as well as in the cities of Holon and Givatayim.

The official Twitter account of the State of Israel posted the following: We send a big hug to all Israelis who are running into bomb shelters. We are with you and we will continue to protect all of our citizens.

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