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Former Israel PM Netanyahu has a hidden agenda in Hawaii

  1. Israel is urging its citizens not to go abroad, but former Israeli Prime Minister and current opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu is currently on vacation on the island of Lanai, Hawaii.
  2. Lanai Island is owned by Larry Elisson, a Jewish American billionaire who owns Internet tech company Oracle.
  3. Larry Elisson is also a witness to the prosecution in the upcoming corruption trial against Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel.

“I’m at the Four Seasons Lanai, and former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu lives here with a group of Mossad bodyguards, ”wrote a hotel guest today.

When a former prime minister is traveling, is it safe to assume that there will always be a hidden agenda? With the former Israeli Prime Minister spotted on Lanai Island, is this agenda looking for a Hawaiian rainbow, or perhaps meeting a prosecution witness to testify for the prosecutor in an upcoming trial against the Prime Minister?

On the same day, another death and 763 more COVID-19 infections were recorded in the US state of Hawaii. The island count includes 469 new cases on Oahu, 123 on Maui, 126 on Island of Hawaii, 26 on Kauai, 5 on Molokai, 3 on Lanai, and 11 Hawaiian residents diagnosed outside of the state.

On August 16, the current opposition leader in Israel was seen sitting in an airport van at San Francisco Airport, waiting for his golf bags. Apparently he was on the long way from Tel Aviv to Lanai Island in Hawaii, as the Times of Israel reports.

Staying at the Four Seasons of Lanai isn’t cheap.

The penthouse suite at the Four Seasons Hotel Lanai costs $ 21,000 a night, making it the most expensive suite in Hawaii. There are also 2 golf courses on the island, including the Manele Golf Course. In 1994 Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates married on the 17th hole of the course.

The ex-premier insists that he and his family pay for a trip to Lanai, Hawaii, the island known to be home to many millionaires and billionaires over time.

According to the Times of Israel, the transport minister is on vacation in the US, even though the government is against foreign travel.

Despite a recent record outbreak of the delta variant of COVID-19, Hawaii welcomes 20-30,000 new visitors every day. These visitors are from the United States and must present a United States-issued CDC Vaccination Certificate or a United States-issued PCR test certificate.

Visitors are therefore mostly domestic tourists or returning residents.

It is not clear how the former prime minister could have done this had he flown to Hawaii without a stop in San Francisco, as reported in Israeli media.

Lanai Island is part of Maui County and is more than 98% privately owned by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

Lanai is the smallest inhabited island that travelers can visit in Hawaii and offers great allure to its visitors.

For the former prime minister, it could actually be much more – a meeting with the island’s owner and friend Larry Ellison. Ellison is also a witness on an important upcoming corruption trial against the former prime minister.

Only 9 miles from Maui and yet a world away, Lanai can feel like 2 places. The first is located in luxury resorts where visitors can enjoy world-class amenities and championship-level golf. The other hops in a four-wheel drive vehicle over the island’s rugged back roads to explore treasures off the beaten path. Peace, adventure, and privacy can be found in each of Lanai’s 3 regions.

When COVID-19 hit, Ellison eliminated business rental on lanai and founded the wellness company Sensei in 2018, overseeing spas and solar-powered greenhouses.

Ellison bought nearly 98 percent of the island in 2012 for a reported $ 300 million; His purchase included 87,000 (35,200 hectares) of the 90,000 acres (36,400 hectares) of land on the island.

Home to approximately 3,200 residents, Lanai is the smallest inhabited island in Hawaii and is home to quiet beaches, rugged terrain, high-end resorts, and Ellison’s sustainability ambitions, which he pursues through a development company called Pulama Lanai.

The 365 square kilometer island, which is eight miles off the coast of Maui, has no traffic lights and few paved roads, according to Forbes. Lanai is secluded compared to other Hawaiian islands – but Ellison has plans to change that. He wants to make Lanai a tourist destination.

Currently the island is home to 2 Four Seasons hotels and a number of small B&B properties.

In Israel, Netanyahu is on trial for fraud and breach of trust in 3 different cases and for bribery in one of them. He denies wrongdoing.

Ellison is one of several hundred witnesses for the prosecution in the corruption trial against Netanyahu.

His name has been reported to have surfaced on two occasions and a report last year said he lobbied Israeli mogul Arnon Milchan to fire his lawyer so Netanyahu could hire him.

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