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Nations and Airways Accepting the IATA Journey Go

Flying during the COVID-19 crisis is getting a little easier with the help of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the new IATA Travel Pass. The pass is now accepted on participating airlines and countries.

  1. 20 airlines accept and honor the IATA Travel Pass for their passengers. See the list.
  2. Singapore is the first country to accept the IATA Travel Pass. Other countries will follow
  3. The IATA Pass is an initiative of the global aviation group to promote the opening of borders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now that 20 airlines have accepted the new IATA passport, the first country is also welcoming visitors with the IATA passport.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) welcomed the acceptance of the COVID-19 PCR test results prior to departure on the IATA Travel Pass through Singapore.

Beginning May 1, 2021, passengers traveling to Singapore will be able to use the IATA Travel Pass to submit their COVID-19 PCR test results prior to departure at check-in with their airline and upon arrival at immigration checkpoints at Changi Airport . This is part of an ongoing collaboration between the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority (CAAS) and IATA to enable seamless and efficient travel through digital certificates of COVID-19 tests.

In order to reopen borders without quarantine and restart aviation, governments need to be confident that they are effective in mitigating the risk of importing COVID-19. This means accurate information about the COVID-19 health status of passengers.

Keeping passengers informed of the tests, vaccines and other measures they need to take before they travel, details of where they can be tested, and the ability to share their tests and vaccination results in a verifiable, secure and privacy-friendly way is key to the Give governments the confidence to open borders. To meet this challenge, IATA is working on the introduction of the IATA Travel Pass, a digital platform for passengers.

“The trust of a leading airline like Singapore to accept the IATA Travel Pass is extremely important. Ongoing testing has put us on the right track to make the IATA Travel Pass an essential tool in restarting the industry by providing verified travel health data to governments. And travelers can rest assured that their personal information is secure and under their own control. The success of our joint efforts will make IATA’s partnership with the Singapore government a model for others, ”said Willie Walsh, IATA Director General.

“We have built on our longstanding and close partnership with IATA to develop solutions to make travel easier. This latest collaboration with IATA shows our shared commitment to driving the introduction of digital health certificates and restoring international air traffic. As we seek to safely rebuild the Changi Air Hub, we will continue to seek other solutions that can provide similarly safe and verifiable means of exchanging health certificates for safe international travel, ”said Kevin Shum, CAAS Director General.

Digital health certificates will be a key feature for future air travel. Establishing trustworthy, secure solutions for verifying travelers’ health records is critical to enabling smooth air travel and maintaining public health. The IATA Travel Pass is a personal, secure digital wallet solution that allows passengers to receive and store their COVID-19 test results from accredited laboratories.

Following the successful attempts by Singapore Airlines, the Singapore Health and Border Control Authorities are accepting the IATA passport as a valid form of pre-departure presentation of COVID-19 test results for entry into Singapore. The information contained on the IATA Travel Pass will be in a format that complies with applicable COVID-19 testing requirements for entering Singapore in Singapore.

More than 20 airlines have announced trial versions of the IATA Travel Pass.

Airlines trying the IATA Travel Pass

Singapore Airlines
Qatar Airways
Malaysia airline
Air New Zealand
Air Baltic
Gulf Air
Air Serbia
Thai Airways
Thai smile
Korean air
Virgin Atlantic
Thai Vietjet
Hong Kong Airlines

Travelers to Singapore intending to use the IATA passport should check with the airline they are traveling with to see if they are eligible to use the IATA passport.

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