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Make Journey Plans With These Journey Apps And Web sites

Whether you love to travel or need to travel, you will not have a comfortable trip if you do not arrange it in advance. Fortunately, there are now plenty of roaming and travel websites and travel apps out there to help arrange the smallest details about travel, from booking tickets to booking hotels to renting cars and getting to know the main tourist areas . In this article, we list the main ones of these websites and applications that you will definitely benefit from before and during your next trip.

Before the trip

For the best deals, we recommend 3 websites that are considered leaders in this field. The first is, where you can find out the best times to travel. The main interface of the site makes it easy to find out the best days and dates to travel, and you will be surprised to find that the price difference between one day and another exceeds hundreds of dollars.

You can find the best dates for your trip on the well-known website The advantage of this website is that it searches all reservation pages on your behalf and shows you a list of the cheapest reservations. All you have to do is choose the website you are familiar with and complete the reservation process. When you create an account on the site, an email will be sent in case airline ticket prices go down. To keep up to date with all the new prices, we recommend that you download the free Skyscanner applicationwhich is available on Android and iOS.

If you want to travel early, we recommend using the Hopper app. This allows you to book airline tickets at a price that is around 40 percent cheaper than the original price.

The app analyzes billions of flight and hotel prices around the world every day, as well as an extensive archive of data so that you know when to book tickets.

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After entering the application, select your next destination to see a color calendar with the cheapest and most expensive flight reservation dates. Hopper will then recommend whether to buy the ticket now or wait for prices to improve. The app can also monitor ticket prices and send you a notification when reservation prices go down.

Recommended travel apps and websites to help you plan your unforgettable trip.

Check out my trip and TripIt.

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Check out my trip and TripIt are considered one of the best travel planning apps as they help to collect all travel plans and details, which helps to relieve the traveler from organizing things and record important information including flight numbers, hotel addresses and an important function is, Notify you of any travel delay or cancellation, if it occurs.

CheckMyTrip and TripIt 1

Viator Tours

If you love to travel and roam the world, the Viator Tours application is definitely very valuable to you as it is one of the applications that allows you to discover many regions around the world by going on tours while You sit your place. The application brings you a lot of information about these areas through millions of reviews from users who have visited them and their opinions. It provides instant access to inspiring imagery for thousands of travel destinations, plus interactive maps and discounts on things to do while you travel.

WiFi locator

Wifi Locator (no affiliate link)

As the title suggests, this application can help you find the nearest places that offer a WiFI wireless network service to connect to the Internet. You can rely on this application until you buy a SIM card. The good thing is that it is available for both iPhone and Android systems.

Wifi travel apps and websites to plan your unforgettable trip 1

Google translator

The Google Translate app is the most widely used and useful app for travelers. Over many years, Google has developed its application to work better even without a connection to the internet service. So all you have to do is download the language of the country you want to travel to before you start your journey. The application allows you to translate into more than 100 languages, including Arabic of course.

You can use the application to write phrases or point the phone’s camera at menus, signs, and banners written in a language you don’t understand or even write on the screen with your finger and the application will translate them immediately.

City Mapper (no affiliate link)

One of the most useful travel apps for travelers as it helps you to easily explore the destination you want to travel to. This is a great way to get to know the main facilities like the subway line, buses and taxis. If you want to use public transport, this application is essential for you to easily connect you to where you want to go.

Halal trip (no affiliate link)

As the name suggests, this application will help you know the restaurants near you that offer food and meat slaughtered in the Islamic way and the user can also add new restaurants to help other tourists.

Rental car (no affiliate link)

Rental car 1

If you want to rent cars on your travels, we recommend the RentalCar app and websiteThis works much like the Skyscanner website in that it searches all of the popular car rental sites like Curep Car and Hertz Waves to get a list of the best rates available. We also recommend getting the full warranty here so you don’t have to pay large sums of money if the car is scratched.

Do you have a favorite travel app or have you ever used one of the apps we described?

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Recommended travel apps and websites to help you plan your unforgettable trip

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