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LMS Options For ROI Enchancment

Increase ROI by choosing an all-in-one LMS

You only have one chance to invest in the right online training software. Unless you’re a member of the LMS Club of the Month, which I hear is a great alternative for the eLearning professional on your gift list who doesn’t like jams or cheese. All jokes aside, finding an LMS that delivers the best ROI is serious business. All of the pieces need to fit together so that you can deliver personalized online training and minimize risk. Are there any features to look out for to get the best returns and avoid costly compliance violations?

8 Features To Look For In Your Next LMS

1. Custom reports

You should be able to choose which metrics to track and how to view the data. One of the most important features of the Learning Management System for compliance is custom online reporting. Find a system to assign user roles and deliver relevant reports to key team members. For example, your sales manager will be sent certification progress reports to encourage underperforming participants. This also includes customizable data visualizations that reveal trends that can lead to compliance disasters.

2. Certificate management

Certificates motivate employees and give them a better overview of their development. However, they will also help you track overall performance and identify areas for improvement. Employees will be held accountable for their own online training because you can quickly evaluate their certification pathways. For example, a participant in a call center agent training course falls behind and did not receive their telephone etiquette certificate, even though it is a requirement and their colleagues received theirs in the last month. They can keep track of why they are having issues and provide online support resources to help mitigate risks.

3. Gamification

This may seem like a luxury, but gamification doesn’t just reward employees for their hard work. It helps you increase attendance rates to improve ROI and identify top performers on your team. The one who has earned the most badges or finished first on the leaderboard is likely a good peer coaching candidate. At least you can lead them to leadership quickly because they show initiative. Gamification is also a great way to maintain compliance as it tracks employee gaps and goals. For example, an employee at an employee training course has finally received his health and safety badge. You have now proven your skills and can move on to the next task.

4. Multilingual support

Multilingual support is one of the most important LMS functions for global organizations. If your employees are working remotely, they may need online training materials in their native language. A multilingual LMS ensures that everyone gets the same experiences and benefits from your online training program. You don’t have to buy additional digital tools to translate content as the compliance LMS automatically displays the localized version of the course, which is usually based on the user’s location. However, you can give them the option to switch it in case they visit a remote branch and need to access English content.

5. Authoring tool

Quickly update content and develop new online resources to keep up with regulations, guidelines and protocols. An integrated authoring tool was previously reserved for high-end platforms. Fortunately, many compliance LMS providers are now offering the full package because they understand the need for quick revisions. Out of date content increases the risk of workplace injuries and rule violations because employees do not have the most up-to-date information. An LMS with authoring tools also saves costs as you don’t have to buy an additional tool to create content. Look for an LMS with an asset library that includes templates, image galleries, and topics to expand resources even further, as well as interactions to turn traditional training content into dynamic support tools. For example, employees can interact with embedded triggers to explore the topic in more detail or to access related micro-learning resources.

6. Offline mobile

Give employees the ability to access compliance LMS content from any device, even when they are out of range. A mobile offline system enables course participants to download resources or get the information they need via the app. The system will synchronize your progress when you reconnect and log into the system. So you will continue to receive credit for your work and you can continue to track your offline activity to ensure compliance. Everyone wins.

7. Report planning

Report Planning The functions of the Learning Management System go hand in hand with custom online reporting. Not only can you determine who receives the analyzes, but also how and how often. For example, the customer service manager receives his department’s metrics by email every week. This way, you are prepared for the recap session every Monday and you don’t have to search the LMS reporting dashboard for relevant information. All the data is in your inbox when you come back after a busy weekend.

8. Live video

Live video LMS capabilities are ideal for online live events that keep staff up to date and facilitate feedback. Has a new law gone into effect this week affecting your warehouse team? No problem. Just schedule an online live event and share the latest breaking news so it won’t make mistakes or ruin your organization’s name. Thanks to the built-in video editor, you should also be able to record and reuse events.


These LMS functions work together to conserve resources, identify hidden gaps and keep accurate compliance records. As they say, there is no “me” in “team”. Each function plays a role in reducing risk and maintaining employee accountability. So look for an all-in-one learning management system that won’t settle for less, even on a tight budget. Just consider how much money you will save by reducing work accidents and not having to pay fines.

Your ultimate goal is to choose an LMS that combines the above features and helps you deliver effective online compliance training. Learn about the corporate compliance training challenges you may face and how a new LMS can help you solve those issues by reading 6 corporate compliance training challenges that a new LMS can overcome.


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