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Chinese language Journey Resumes after Tough Summer time

After a difficult summer tourist season caused by the spread of the Covid-19 Delta variant across the country, China’s domestic tourism is set to be revived for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival (September 21, 2021).

According to the Chinese travel agency Trip com, the The Chinese travel industry is growing again after a slight hiccup in recent months, with inter-provincial bookings on the agency’s website increasing 365% between the end of August and September 6th.

Travel Chinese, but not far

The travel agency LY com, on the other hand, notes that 800 million Chinese tourists will travel during the festival. Definitely a significant number, but there is also a very interesting trend that has been noted by analysts.

According to experts, tourists will mainly focus on spending the upcoming vacation close to their place of residence, as there is still a lot of reluctance with regard to the Covid-19 situation.

Companies that focus on long-distance tourism within the country are currently struggling as the demand for their services is not high. People currently prefer to travel to destinations that are close to major Chinese cities.

Beijing the most desirable travel destination

In terms of city popularity ranking, Beijing tops the list, according to Tripcom. The capital is followed by Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou. It is interesting that Wuhan, the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic, is the 10th most popular travel destination among Chinese travelers.

In terms of specific destinations, some of the most desirable locations include the Gubei Water Town in Beijing, the Shanghai Disney Resort, the Yuntai Mountain area or the Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park.

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