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International Cyber Assault on Southwest Airways? FAA grounded all WN flights in america

What a nightmare getting booked on a Southwest Airlines flight?
The FAA ordered Southwest Airlines to land all of their flights in the United States. The airline cites a nationwide computer failure as the reason. The reason: Not told!

  1. Has Southwest Airlines been attacked by a computer hacker, foreign country, or virus? There is speculation and tension.
  2. Southwest Airlines’ US flights were temporarily suspended today.
  3. The FAA has issued a temporary nationwide floor freeze upon request southwest Airlines while the company was solving a problem with the reservation computer. Please contact airline for more details.

A passionate Southwest Airlines passenger said: “I want to remind everyone that today’s @SouthwestAir outages are not due to the staff at the counters and on the planes while I sit at St. Louis Airport and wait to board today. They do everything they can. Don’t yell at them. “

The airline tweeted: “We are aware of the system problems and are working quickly on a solution”, airline tweeted. “We’ll be sharing more information soon.”

A frustrated passenger said: Southwest employees told me at the gate: “Air traffic control is canceling flights, not” southwestand so we cannot compensate you. ”I was lied to. I had to spend my own money on a hotel and a ride from the airport. Do not defend them!

The airline also stated: We are in the process of resuming normal operations after a system issue this afternoon that caused flight disruptions across our network. We know that many customers still need support and are working to resolve these concerns as soon as possible.

To date, 478 flights have been canceled and 528 delayed at Southwest Airlines

The cause of the computer failure remains a mystery. No information was found on the Southwest Airlines website.

On social media and with insiders, the problem may be related to a cyber attack or a ransomware incident.

To keep everyone calm, Southwest Airlines just posted this tweet:
We will be 50 years old this week. That’s why we’re giving you back 50% travel days in autumn on 50 travel days. All you have to do is book by Thursday with the promotional code SAVE50. Yeah, that’s real. Yeah, that’s epic.

Southwest Airlines Co., commonly referred to as Southwest, is one of the largest airlines in the United States and the world’s largest low-cost airline. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has scheduled flights to 115 destinations in the United States and ten other countries.

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