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How to verify your press launch is learn by people and never robots?

Are you being scammed if you publish a press release? While a PR agency wrote a nice media release, the vast majority of agencies simply put the release on their list of media databases in the hope of free publication. The industry calls this “earned media”. On the other hand, paid media gives those who distribute their publications full control over your branding and message. eTurboNews has added two more tiers, and that means they only pay when they are successful.

  1. Disseminating press releases is big business, but publications like eTurboNews are often not on the side of that moneymaking.
  2. Large distribution companies like PR Newswire get paid to distribute publications to publications while collecting royalties for major publications.
  3. Often times, press releases land on the hidden backs of portals like Yahoo Finance, Business Journal and generate impressive reports when estimating the number of possible readers.

eTurboNews now ensures that the readers of commercial press releases published on eTN portals are actually humans and not robots.

When analyzing distribution reports for published press releases from some intelligence agencies, one can see that computers are talking to each other. The company that publishes the publication often receives reports with millions of numbers, even though only a few hundred have published the story in a legitimate publication. Fewer than a handful of people opened and read the post, resulting in just a few clicks on links embedded in the content of the post.

The cost of a publication can run into the thousands with very little result.

Earned media means that publications that actually have the audience they want are almost always on the non-deserving side of that chain. There is hardly any incentive to publish a press release with advertorial content.

eTurboNews reaches more than 2 million unique readers every month and has developed a win / win solution: Human readers!

eTurboNews new unlimited publication posting plans ensure that customers only pay fees when a reader is actually motivated enough to open the press release, read it, and click on a link that interests them. Most of the links lead to the company’s websites.

As soon as a reader clicks on such a link, it costs between 15 cents and 1.50 US dollars per click, depending on the tariff. The maximum fee will never exceed 1000 clicks per release.

It is in eTurboNews’ interest to position commercial publications well, analyze them for keywords and sharp headlines, and position them for search engines, news apps and aggregator news services like Google News.

Each press release is included in eTN’s award-winning global email newsletters. More than 1/2 million readers receive a push notification on their computer terminal with the title of the publication with a link to the story.

Press releases published on eTurboNews will be converted into an audio file and published on eTurboNews. It will also be converted into a podcast.

Podcasts are converted into a live stream video and posted on 16+ platforms including YOUTUBE, APPLE, Soundcloud, Anchor, Google, etc.

The publication will be translated into more than 50 languages ​​and included in eTN’s new, independent and special foreign language news portals.

All of this is done by people who care that many people around the world are encouraged to read the contents of the press release and interact with them.

Those members who have subscribed to the unlimited subscription plans will receive priority consideration that will be mentioned in upcoming reports. These members will also be invited to interviews on the daily eTV news broadcast or as a participant or guest on upcoming livestream panel discussions.

Members of the Unlimited Content Posting Subscription Plan also receive free membership in the World Tourism Network (WTN).

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